Spider-Man’s mentor in the Ultimate Universe is now the Green Goblin, rewriting the hero’s history.
Green Goblin and Doc Ock are training Spider-Man together, with the latter yet to become Doc Ock.
Earth-616’s Spider-Man has a similar relationship with the Green Goblin, but with a darker outcome.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Ultimate Spider-Man #7! Since he got his powers when he was a teenager, Peter Parker has had a number of mentors as Spider-Man. Daredevil, Iron Man, Shang-Chi, and even Wolverine all played a part in helping Spider-Man become the hero fans know and love today. But now, Marvel Comics is totally rewriting Spider-Man’s history in the newly-established Ultimate Universe, where Peter just got a jaw-dropping new mentor.

In a preview shared by Marvel for Ultimate Spider-Man #7 by Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto, fans are given a brief synopsis of what to expect in the upcoming issue, as well as a full interior page featuring a scene that many Spider-Man fans might find shocking. The preview shows Spider-Man in a warehouse doing combat training with none other than the Green Goblin.

Spider-Man first aligned himself with the Green Goblin aka Harry Osborn practically at the start of his superhero career. Harry’s company, Oscorp, gained control of Stark/Stain (Ultimate Universe’s ‘Stark Industries’), which is where Harry found Stark’s Iron Man tech, which he used to make his Green Goblin armor/glider. That tech also gave Harry access to other pieces of technology linked to Stark’s databases, including Spider-Man’s suit. Green Goblin tracked down Spider-Man and recruited him to take down the Maker’s Council – which he found out about through Stark’s databases as well – and they’ve been partners ever since.

Green Goblin Isn’t the Only Villain Training Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe

While fans of classic Spider-Man lore might be initially shocked by the fact that the one man who’s famously been his arch rival throughout his history, the Green Goblin, is training him, they’ll be just as shocked to learn that he isn’t the only one. In this preview, there’s another man present in the training area, one who has arguably been just as big a thorn in Spider-Man’s side: Doc Ock.

Otto Octavius is an Oscorp employee who works directly for Harry Osborn on his secret project, that being his mission to destroy the Maker’s Council as the Green Goblin (in fact, it was Otto who created the Green Goblin suit). Otto has yet to become Doc Ock – indeed, no robotic tentacles just yet – but his involvement in Spider-Man’s training alongside the Green Goblin is still unnerving, as fans know what’s likely in store for this character in the not-too-distant future.

Earth-616’s Spider-Man Has Become a Dark Reflection of His Ultimate Universe Counterpart

The Amazing Spider-Man #50 by Zeb Wells and Ed McGuinness

Over in the main Marvel Comics continuity of Earth-616, Spider-Man currently has a similar relationship with the Green Goblin as his Ultimate Universe counterpart, but in the opposite direction. While Green Goblin is effectively a hero in the Ultimate Universe, training Spider-Man to be a better hero (given that he has relatively more experience in the field), the Green Goblin of Earth-616 just corrupted Spider-Man, turning him into the villainous Spider-Goblin. In both cases, the Green Goblin has taken Spider-Man under his wing, though the main continuity Spider-Man has become a dark reflection of Ultimate Spider-Man.

No matter the universe, Spider-Man is currently very close to the Green Goblin in Marvel Comics lore. However, Peter’s temporary corruption in Earth-616 is far less shocking than the fact that the Green Goblin has become integral to Spider-Man’s origin in the Ultimate Universe, as the idea that his famous arch enemy is now acting as his heroic mentor is truly jaw-dropping.

Ultimate Spider-Man #7 by Marvel Comics is available July 31, 2024.

Ultimate Spider-Man #7 (2024)

Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Marco Checchetto Colorist: Matt Wilson Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit Cover Artist: Marco Checchetto

Source: Marvel


Spider-Man is the name given to several individuals who have employed a spider-moniker throughout Marvel Comics. Typically gaining their powers through a bite from a radioactive spider, the different Spider-Man heroes employ super-strength, agility, and intellect while utilizing webbing to swing and tangle up their foes. The most notable of these Spider-Men is Peter Parker, who remains one of the most popular superheroes throughout the world.

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