Marvel Comics has unveiled a spectacular new variant cover for Spider-Boy #1 by Kaare Andrews (Spider-Man: Reign) and it puts Peter Parker front and centre alongside the sidekick he’s somehow forgotten.

On the surface, Spider-Boy might be one of the worst ideas Marvel Comics has dreamed up in quite some time. Many fans have rolled their eyes at the prospect of Spider-Man getting a Robin-like sidekick, but there’s definitely still a lot of interest in this young web-slinger.

Multiple sold-out printings of his key appearances and a mysterious backstory that’s gripped people’s imaginations are proof of that, and Spider-Boy’s impact on the Marvel mythos is certainly noteworthy. However, it’s going to get even bigger when he headlines his own solo series this November.

Harkening back to the 1990s, Spider-Boy #1 will shine on comic stands with a Foil Variant Cover. Illustrated by acclaimed artist Kaare Andrews, this new piece captures Spider-Man and Spider-Boy’s special bond that was forged over their countless adventures together…adventures that no one but Spider-Boy remembers.

Leaping from the pages of Dan Slott and Mark Bagley Spider-Man, the series will finally reveal the startling origin of Bailey Briggs, Peter Parker’s long-lost sidekick. In addition, Spider-Boy’s very own rogues gallery will be introduced, including the mad scientist behind his creation.

As Spider-Boy digs into his top-secret past, he’ll discover the shocking reason why everyone in the Marvel Universe has forgotten him and if there’s anything he can do to fix it.

“Spider-Man isn’t supposed to have a sidekick. That’s just wrong on so many levels. And that is exactly why we are going to have so much fun with this,” Slott says. “Both this character – and this new title – are going to break all the rules. Bailey Briggs is going to have over-the-top adventures in the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel Universe.”

“He’ll be facing off against a mix of both all-new villains and fan-favorite Spidey bad guys. The one thing we can promise you, whenever you pick up a copy of Spider-Boy, we are going to take the weirdest and wildest swings with every single story!” the writer adds. “Our goal is to get every reader to ask two questions: ‘What in the hell did I just read?!’ and ‘When is the next one coming out?!'”

We can’t help but wonder what travesties Sony Pictures could commit with this character on screen as they continue expanding the Spider-Verse without Peter Parker. Regardless, this comic book series has the potential to be fun for anyone looking for something new from Spidey’s corner of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Comics has said more covers and some preview pages will be released tomorrow so you’ll want to check back here soon for those. For now, check out Andrews’ Spider-Boy #1 cover below.

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 Marvel Comics has unveiled a spectacular new variant cover for Spider-Boy #1 by Kaare Andrews (Spider-Man: Reign) and it puts Peter Parker front and centre alongside the sidekick he’s somehow forgotten.  Read More