Both Toms have been amazing as their respective Marvel characters, Tom Holland as Spider-Man, and Tom Hardy as Spider-Man’s nemesis Venom. While Tom Holland made his debut as the web-slinger in the 2017 released Spider-Man: Homecoming, Hardy appeared as Venom in 2018. Since then both have been an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with fans expecting a much-needed crossover in their respective future movies.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man

While nothing has been revealed regarding them ever sharing the big screen, both actors have been in the news for a different yet what some might reckon ‘outrageous’ reason. And it is because of the massive salary each received for the threequel movie of their respective franchise.

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Tom Holland And Tom Hardy’s Massive Salary Difference

Tom Hardy as Venom

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Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man franchise is no doubt the biggest one ever when it comes to comparison with other web-slinger franchises. Grossing almost $4 billion worldwide, the three movies have also been regarded as the best ones ever made. Not only did it lead to Holland earning multiple other gigs but he also went along to star in the Avengers franchise and earning millions for small appearances.

Despite the immense success, Holland was only paid around $10 million for his best movie Spider-Man: No Way Home which made a whopping $1.916 billion worldwide. Meanwhile, his potential on-screen enemy aka Tom Hardy is expected to make over $20 million from his franchise’s threequel.

Despite his franchise only having a gross earning of over $1.36 billion, his massive paycheck seems too much. But there is also the fact that Hardy not only plays Eddie Brock but he is also the voice actor behind Venom on top of co-producing the threequel. Even though it does seem unfair for Holland, the Spider-Man star also makes a lot of money for the extra work he does as the web-shooter.

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Will Spider-Man And Venom Ever Star Together?

The epic battle fans are dying to witness

The end of Spider-Man: No Way Home featured Tom Hardy’s Venom leaving behind a bit of the black alien goo as he gets zapped back to his universe. Ever since then, fans have been speculating that the two could share the screen in either Venom 3 or Spider-Man 4.

Even though nothing has been revealed about their respective sequels, apparently both movies are said to be in developing mode. However, fans might have to wait a little longer since the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes are bound to introduce some delays and roadblocks. Since Marvel and Sony have always retained the best of surprises at the end, it is possible that the two nemeses could finally share the screen together.

Venom 3 will be in theatres on July 12, 2024. While the release of Spider-Man 4 is unknown.

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