The Marvel Cinematic Universe encompasses an umpteenth number of characters and storylines and subsequently their sequels and spin-offs. And now after the introduction of The Multiverse Saga, every element in the franchise has infinite possibilities due to infinite timelines.

The never-ending cycle has proven to be a never-ending money-making machine for Marvel Studios. For fans, it has emerged as the source of infinite theories. Every ending of Marvel movies and television series evokes debate among fans about what happened. Similarly, before the premiere of any project, fans spend a lot of their time wondering not just about the main characters but also about potential cameos they might get to see.

Charlize Theron as Clea in Doctor Strange 2.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – as the name suggests – included several new universes to explore, leading to plenty of rumors about several character cameos.

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How Did Doctor Strange 2 End up Disappointing Fans

Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen starrer focuses on Doctor Strange teaming up with a mysterious teenage girl to battle multiple threats. The girl from his dreams can travel across multiverses, which opens up battles against multiple villains, including other-universe versions of himself.

Elizabeth Olsen as The Scarlett Witch in a still from Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.

The movie was a huge hit, making $955.8 million at the box office globally. However, fans who headed to theaters expecting some exciting cameos because of multiverse ‘madness’ were left heartbroken.

Ahead of the movie’s release, names like Huge Jackman’s Wolverine, Tom Cruise’s Iron Man, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man (although the movie does include Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg), Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey, and Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier were churned out by rumor mill on social media.

Among the aforementioned names, only Stewart joined Doctor Strange’s multiverse madness. Now, we are seeing the same thing with Deadpool 3, as Ryan Reynolds‘ superhero gears to make his mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time.

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What Shawn Levy Said About Potential Cameos in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3

As we get closer to Deadpool 3, which is scheduled to release in the first half of May as part of Phase Five of the MCU, rumors are intensifying over different characters joining Wade Wilson’s journey. Among the many names, the most popular rumor is concerning Jennifer Garner returning as Elektra.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

However, when asked to give his two cents on these suggestions, director Shawn Levy teased fans, stating (via Entertainment Weekly):

“I’d rather not weigh in on that, but I’ll say this. The rumors of actors, singers, sports stars who are all apparently in Deadpool 3 are fabulous. If all I read was the internet, I would have the greatest cast ever assembled in the history of cinema, so I’ll simply say that some of those rumors are true, and some of them aren’t.”

Perhaps fans should wait for a formal word before raising their hopes. For, now, the only confirmed new character in the Deadpool world is Jackman’s Wolverine. The Australian actor is set to reprise his popular role but in a yellow costume this time. The costume is a nod to the character’s comic book origins.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

 Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy teased fans when quizzed about potential cameo characters in Ryan Reynolds’ Marvel movie.  Read More