Marvel announced the return of Superior Spider-Man at San Diego Comic-Con in a new ongoing series.

Celebrating the milestone anniversary of the infamous comic book event, Marvel announced that Superior Spider-Man will return in a new series by Dan Slott with art by Mark Bagley. It will follow the one-shot Superior Spider-Man Returns that marks the titular character’s ten year anniversary.

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Slott and Bagley will be coming fresh off of their current Spider-Man run, which will still release alongside Superior Spider-Man. Despite some controversial writing choices, such as turning Peter Parker into a variant of the Green Goblin, the run was successful, proving the duo’s mettle as a creative team.

The new run will reportedly feature all-new stories starring Doc Ock’s Spider-Man, in which a previous villain from the series’ original run is set to return, though Marvel has not stated who the villain will be. The publisher did reveal that Peter himself will appear in the story, though they haven’t said what role he may have or when the story will take place in the overall timeline.

Superior Spider-Man tells the story of Otto Octavius aka Doctor Octopus after he manages to transfer his consciousness into Peter’s body following his death. Otto then embarks on a journey to become a better Spider-Man than Peter, using advanced technology to survey the city, earn a doctorate and found the tech company Parker Industries, which would be a staple in the subsequent “Big-Time” Spider-Man storyline.

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While the series was initially controversial, the story quickly became a bestseller after its first few issues and ran for 33 more before coming to an end with Peter returning from the dead and taking back his body from Octavius. Superior Spider-Man also made an appearance in the major comic book event Spider-Verse and its follow-up, Spider-Geddon, which took place during Otto’s time in Peter’s body. Other than a few crossover appearances in other books, however, Marvel retired the character until recently.

Superior Spider-Man #1will be available on November 11, 2023, from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

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