Marvel is developing a series about the almost forgotten superhero, Blonde Phantom.
Taylor Swift and Sydney Sweeney are rumored to be considered for the lead role.
Blonde Phantom, created by Stan Lee and Syd Shores, debuted in 1946 and faded into obscurity.

While Marvel is busy with numerous projects, they continue to expand their universe with exciting new content. According to a new rumor, they are developing a series about an almost forgotten superhero.

Everyone knows Marvel has a packed schedule and is always working on new projects, but it is surprising that they are considering bringing never-seen-before characters to the screen. A new scoop claims they are developing a series about a new character with a global pop star as the lead.


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According to industry insider Daniel Richtman (via @cosmic_marvel), Marvel is developing another series, this time focusing on a lesser-known character. The rumored Blonde Phantom series will be set in 1950s Las Vegas and will be “a spy show.” The scoop claims that none other than Taylor Swift is being considered for the lead role and has already met with Kevin Feige about it. Additionally, some sources suggest that Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney is also being considered for the same role.

This might sound familiar. It is not the first time Blonde Phantom was considered for development; a few years back, Scarlett Johansson was eyed for the role, which she confirmed. Johansson mentioned that before joining the MCU, she was offered a few characters, including Blonde Phantom, before eventually landing the role of Black Widow. Furthermore, rumors about Taylor Swift joining the MCU are not new. Previous rumors suggested she might appear in Deadpool & Wolverine as either Dazzler or Lady Deadpool, though these have been debunked. However, the claim that she met with Marvel President Kevin Feige lends some credibility to the current rumor. As for Sydney Sweeney, while she seems like a good fit for the role, she has either appeared or is being considered for other Marvel/Sony roles. She made her superhero debut as Spider-Woman (also known as Julia Carpenter) in Madame Webb and is rumored to be considered for roles in Spider-Man 4 as Black Cat (Felicia Hardy).

The Blonde Phantom, a creation of Stan Lee and Syd Shores, made her debut in All-Select Comics #11 in September 1946. By day, Louise Grant works as a secretary to detective Mark Mason, but by night, she transforms into the crime-fighting Blonde Phantom, helping her boss with solving cases and rescuing him from dangerous situations. Despite enjoying immediate popularity and being a part of Marvel since the so-called Golden Age of Comic Books, Blonde Phantom‘s comic series experienced only a few iterations and gradually faded into obscurity amidst the burgeoning roster of Marvel characters. However, her initial success played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of female superheroes, contributing to a surge in their representation in the late 1940s. Alongside her standalone adventures, she also crossed paths with other Marvel superheroes. Sadly, dwindling sales led to her disappearance from comic bookshelves in 1949, ultimately resulting in her being discontinued the same year. Marvel‘s expressed interest in resurrecting this iconic superhero and potentially introducing her to a new audience on the big screen offers a glimmer of hope for fans eager to witness her in action once more.

Source: @DanielRPK (via @cosmic_marvel) | Twitter


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