Marvel’s Spider-Man series has been highly successful, offering solid gameplay, engaging storytelling, and blending essential Spider-Man storylines with new concepts. Spider-Man 2 is continuing the story established in the first two games, introducing iconic characters like Kraven the Hunter and Harry Osborn, and building upon the characters and conflicts present in the previous games. Both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales established Peter Parker and Miles Morales as respected versions of the characters, with the next game likely to further develop their stories and character arcs.

Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man series has been turned out to be one of Sony’s most successful and promising. The quality of these games comes down to solid gameplay fundamentals, especially the web-swinging and combat, but they showcase some storytelling chops as well, as both Spider-Man games offer great performances, intriguing conflicts, and plots that blend essential Spider-Man storylines with new characters and concepts.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 looks to continue the engaging story established in the first two games, introducing new renditions of iconic characters like Kraven the Hunter and Harry Osborn, along with an all-new version of the Symbiote plot. While this is all exciting, the story of Spider-Man 2 wouldn’t be possible without the groundwork performed by Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Both games established the Earth-1048 Peter Parker and Miles Morales, cementing them as respectable versions of the characters that stand alongside their most popular film and comic counterparts. There’s a lot of potential for Spider-Man 2‘s story, as it will continue to build upon the characters, concepts, and conflicts present in the first two games.

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Recapping the Marvel’s Spider-Man Story

Marvel’s Spider-Man introduced the world to Insomniac’s vision of Spider-Man, establishing Yuri Lowenthal’s Peter Parker and Nadji Jeter’s Miles Morales, along with other characters like Aunt May, Doctor Otto Octavius, and Norman Osborn. These characters and others formed the backbone of the game’s plot, with many likely to play significant roles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The main conflict of Marvel’s Spider-Man centers on a few iconic Spider-Man villains. Norman Osborn, who is serving as New York’s mayor during the game, makes powerful enemies in Martin Li AKA Mr. Negative and Otto Octavius. The Marvel’s Spider-Man story gets rather complicated from that point, but here are some key takeaways: Martin Li wants to leverage Devil’s Breath, a bioweapon, to take over New York City. His quest results in a great deal of carnage, with one particularly violent act of terrorism leaving Jefferson Davis, father of Miles Morales, dead.

Additionally, Otto Octavius has his mind corrupted by his research and turns into Doctor Octopus. He then forms the Sinister Six with Li and unleashes Devil’s Breath on the city. Peter defeats the villains and finds an antidote to Devil’s Breath, but developing it means sacrificing Aunt May. The game ends with Peter learning that Miles has spider powers.

Recapping The Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Story

Spider-Man: Miles Morales gave players control over the titular character, as he temporarily takes over as the Wall-Crawler while Peter is out of town. As a spin-off game, the plot is more pared-down by superhero story standards, as the fate of just one New York neighborhood hangs in the balance rather than the whole city.

The story centers on Tinkerer, a terrorist who targets Roxxon, an energy corporation. As the story progresses, Miles learns that his childhood friend Phin is actually the Tinkerer, and she wants to destroy Roxxon to avenge her brother, who was poisoned to death while working on Nuform, an experimental energy source for the company. She attempts to use Nuform to destroy Roxxon Plaza, but Miles uses his unique powers to absorb the energy and stop the explosion. Phin, in a moment of clarity, flies Miles to a safe distance so that he can discharge the Nuform energy, sacrificing herself in the process.

At the beginning of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for eight years, but he discovers that he still has many lessons to learn. By contrast, Miles Morales is more akin to an origin story, with Miles taking his first great leap toward becoming a hero. Each Spider-Man develops in critical ways throughout both games, and this character work will surely be significant in the story of the next game

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches on October 20 for the PlayStation 5.

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 Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 looks to offer a bombastic and emotional story, so it’s worth revisiting the events of the first two games.  Read More