Published August 1, 2023

In a special first look at ‘Realm of X’ #1, Magik, Dani Moonstar, Marrow, Dust, Curse, and Typhoid Mary face the first of many battles in Vanaheim.

Magik, Dani Moonstar, Marrow, Dust, Curse, and Typhoid Mary have escaped one war and landed right in the middle of another.

In REALM OF X (2023) #1 by Torunn Grønbekk and Diógenes Neves, this unlikely group of mutants managed to get away from the Hellfire Gala unscathed. However, one member of this motley crew left something behind: her powers. When they somehow land in Vanaheim, one of the Ten Realms, Magik discovers she no longer has the ability to teleport just when he fellow mutants need her most.

To make matters worse, they quickly discover the locals’ belief that they’re at the center of an ancient prophecy that could either raise the Realm to riches—or cause it to fall to ruin. With a familiar adversary lurking nearby in the shadows, it will take everything these mutants have to survive the conflict… and the FALL OF X.

A special first look at REALM OF X (2023) #1 offers a glimpse at the battles to come, as Dani, Magik, and Dust swing into action against a horde of creatures riding giant, white hogs. One page shows Dani communing with the local wildlife, while another sees the group encountering four statues that look just like them, causing Typhoid Mary to throw her head back and laugh. Finally, the team is forced into action once more when giant birds attack a village.

Embark on this cursed quest with a special first look at REALM OF X #1 below!

On Sale 8/23

Have these mutants come to Vanaheim as its saviors—or as its destroyers? Find out when the adventure begins in REALM OF X #1, on sale August 23!

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In this article: Magik (Illyana Rasputin), Marrow, Danielle “Dani” Moonstar, Typhoid Mary, Dust (Sooraya Qadir)


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 In a special first look at ‘Realm of X’ #1, Magik, Dani Moonstar, Marrow, Dust, Curse, and Typhoid Mary face the first of many battles in Vanaheim.  Read More