Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. at Treasure Island and The Hunger Games: The Exhibition at MGM Grand are two of the most popular interactive, family-friendly attractions along the Las Vegas Strip. And these immersive experiences are not beloved just because of the famed filmed franchises that inspired them; there’s a lot to explore, see and do at each exhibition. Here’s some exciting news for fans: Zoe Tan, senior vice president of Neon Global, the parent company that develops these and other attractions, says new projects are in the works and coming soon to Las Vegas.

What has it been like for you to work on these exciting attractions?

I’ve been working on this for 10-plus years. The company I started with, Victory Hill, was acquired by Neon Global in 2015, and we had started off in New York City in Times Square and slowly expanded. The original legacy set from (Times Square) is the one sitting now in Las Vegas at Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N., so that’s close to our hearts because it has a lot of legacy artifacts from the first Avengers series.

How important is Las Vegas to the company’s growth?

Las Vegas continues to expand at such a rapid pace, and for us, we have a few strategic markets–London is another, Singapore, and Australia and Japan–that we’ve singled out that have a huge tourism base and a huge demand for attractions and entertainment. Las Vegas is probably the one that shines through above all because along that short five miles of the Strip, you have all these top attractions and developers, all within a small radius. That’s why we feel like we can bring some new blood to Las Vegas, where there’s a lot of entertainment at night, nice dinners and shows and nightclubs. We see a demand for daytime entertainment, and that’s where we fit in.

What other factors make your attractions such unique experiences in Las Vegas?

Our attractions can be a quick in-and-out experience, you can spend an hour and take a look at the artifacts and be immersed in our stories and find that connection with the films you’ve watched for the past 10 years, then you’re done, and you can move on to your next Las Vegas (destination). That’s really our business model. When I was a tourist in Las Vegas, I struggled to find things to do in the day other than go shopping or sit by the pool, but when you’re in Las Vegas, you still want to be entertained.

Can you talk about the creative process behind taking these very recognizable movie properties and piecing together memorable, interactive experiences?

One thing at the core for our creative team is how do we set ourselves apart from other so-called “immersive” experiences. That word is a tad bit overused; not all experiences are truly immersive. We like to use a combination of elements, including cutting-edge technology, to allow you to feel like you’re walking through a movie set and you can become part of the story. And we do the research when it comes to our consumers to better understand what they resonate with most when it comes to those stories. Using Hunger Games as the example, we all know when we (think of) that, we think of archery, Katniss with her bow and arrow. So, we worked day and night to build this archery experience for The Hunger Games: The Exhibition, and it cost a heavy sum of money.

What can you say about the next projects?

It’s been an interesting journey for us in Las Vegas and we have a lot of focus here in terms of what we want to do to expand. By 2024, you’ll see a series of new products opening up and a series of exciting announcements. We haven’t announced it yet, but there’s quite a significant change coming at Treasure Island, and we’re also securing a new venue right in the middle of the Strip. Stay tuned.

Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N., Treasure Island, 702.894.7722

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition, MGM Grand. 702.410.9899

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