The MCU is quickly approaching the debut of the X-Men. With so many potential names that could play iconic characters, there’s one that’s perfect for Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam. As Havok, Hunnam could bring a more 90s-era edge to the MCU’s X-Men and help establish more than one team.

With Marvel Studios reacquiring the rights to the X-Men in 2019 and mutants getting slowly introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) through characters such as Mrs. Marvel/Kamala Khan and Namor, it is clear that a reboot of the X-Men is on the horizon. This reboot offers an opportunity to cast actors in roles for lesser-known yet still iconic mutants. For instance, Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam could step into the role of Havok, bringing a touch of a 90s edge to the MCU’s X-Men and contributing to establishing more than one mutant team.

The 2000s X-Men films typically embraced an action-adventure tone, blending interpersonal drama with superhuman abilities. While these have effectively addressed real-world issues and served as allegorical tales by drawing parallels between mutants and marginalized groups in society, they have somewhat veered away from the grittier and edgier elements seen in the 90s animated shows and comics. Though it’s far from official, the casting of one actor in the role of Havok in the MCU’s reboot, Charlie Hunnam, could be a catalyst for this change. Hunnam’s extensive filmography showcases his versatility in portraying leading men with moral complexity and rugged charm, making him a fitting choice for the character and offering an opportunity to inject some much-needed grit into this new iteration of the X-Men.

Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam Could Capture Havok’s Moral Complexity

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X-Men Producer Simon Kinberg has emphasized that the focus of the MCU reboot should be on the characters, which is where the strength of the X-Men franchise lies. This involves accessing this rich collection of characters and choosing the best actors to bring them to life. In this instance, one actor stands out as the ideal choice for Havok: Charlie Hunnam. Hunnam’s extensive film and television experience as a leading man showcases his ability to portray complex and morally conflicted characters with rugged charm and charisma. He is perhaps best known for his role as Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy, who grapples with being loyal to his club and the desire to do what he perceives as morally right. Additionally, his portrayal as Arthur Pendragon in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword highlighted his physicality and charisma, while his role as Raleigh Becket in Pacific Rim demonstrated his capacity to be part of a superhero team. Collectively, these roles exemplify why he would be a perfect fit for the character of Havok.

Havok is a character from the Marvel Comics Universe, and his real name is Alex Summers. He is the younger brother of the famous Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops, a founding member of the X-Men and leader of the team of mutant superheroes. What sets Havok apart from his brother, Cyclops, is his unique ability to absorb cosmic radiation and convert it into powerful plasma blasts. Apart from differences in their abilities, the personalities of these two brothers differ significantly. Havok is known for his rebellious streak, hot-headed nature, and willingness to take risks, in stark contrast to his older brother, who possesses a disciplined and cautious personality. Despite Cyclops being one of the weaker X-Men, he has demonstrated his aptitude for strategic planning after defeating Captain Marvel in the Contest of Chaos. These distinctions underscore why Hunnam as Havok in the MCU would offer a refreshing and dynamic addition to the roster of characters.

Charlie Hunnam’s Acting Style Aligns Perfectly With the Grit of the 90s-era X-Men

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Charlie Hunnam’s casting as Havok in the MCU could bring a unique and potentially 90s-influence grit to the character and the X-Men. The X-Men from the 90s possessed a gritty and edgy quality for several reasons, with a key factor being the complexity of the characters. Iconic characters like Wolverine, Cable, and Deadpool exhibited morally ambiguous qualities, blurring the lines between hero and villain, making them more relatable and multi-dimensional. This era delved into darker and more mature storylines, tackling themes such as prejudice, discrimination, and the consequences of violence. Consequently, these characters often took a darker approach to solving problems, even resorting to lethal force. Overall, this period was defined by its willingness to push boundaries and explore complex themes and characters, cementing its reputation for being gritty and edgy. These aspects also resonate with a current trend in comics, particularly evident in the Fall of X, which promises a brutal end to the Krakoa Era.

Hunnam has an established history of portraying gritty and tough characters with complex personalities, exemplified by his role as Jax Teller. Havok inherently possesses a rough-and-tumble quality that Hunnam could authentically embody, introducing a level of intensity and edge that fits well with the character’s history. Havok, reminiscent of the 90s-era X-men, boasts a multifaceted personality rooted in his history and relationships. Havok grapples with the weight of living in his older brother’s shadow, leading to a sibling rivalry and a desire to distinguish himself, elements that constitute a vital aspect of his identity. His moral compass isn’t always crystal clear and has propelled him to take a more militant or pragmatic approach, putting him at odds with other X-Men. Havok has encountered personal challenges involving amnesia, trauma, and identity crisis, adding layers of complexity to his character. As a character with many dimensions, Havok aligns seamlessly with Hunnam’s acting capabilities. His distinctive acting style could introduce an added edge and contribute to a darker tone, perfectly mirroring the nostalgic appeal of the X-Men of the 90s.

A 90s-Style Havok Could Forge an MCU X-Force

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A mistake that plagued the previous iteration of the X-Men was that it focused too much on portraying a handful of X-Men instead of putting a variety of mutants in the spotlight. As mentioned previously, there is now a chance to focus on different X-Men who could open the door for the X-Force by placing the 90s-era Havok in charge, showing Hunnam portraying him as a leader who is just as skilled as his brother, but even more risk-taking. Hunnam’s experience playing characters who lead and make difficult decisions, as seen in his role as Jax, could translate into a compelling portrayal of Havok as a leader within the X-Men. Havok has strong leadership qualities, which include his strong sense of responsibility and skills as an instinctive tactician and strategist. While he has led various superhero teams, such as X-Factor, he still hasn’t had the same iconic leadership role as his brother Scott. With Havok’s willingness to take risks and to lead by example, he could be instrumental in forming a team like X-Force.

In contrast to the X-Men, who typically advocate for peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants, the X-Force takes a more militant and aggressive approach to problem-solving. Their willingness to undertake preemptive strikes and employ aggressive tactics to safeguard mutants and address mutant-related threats often leads to morally complex situations. This environment provides an ideal platform for Havok, who has already demonstrated his leadership skills by assisting in forming the space-pirates team, Starjammers. He has exhibited morally ambiguous and risk-taking decision-making, embracing a militant approach to resolving issues. Placing Havok in such a role could create a dynamic contrast between the two brothers’ leadership styles, rendering Havok’s leadership unique. Casting Hunnam as Havok opens up numerous possibilities for the MCU, potentially leading to the creation of a gritty and powerful mutant team led by a leader who embodies the defining qualities of the 90s-era X-Men.

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