After years of accomplishments and hard work, it was only fitting for the legendary Anthony Hopkins to hop into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it slowly engulfed the whole world. Although most of the current generation might not be privy to Hopkins’s work except for his character Odin, in the Thor saga starring Chris Hemsworth, his work has left a pretty unforgettable mark in the industry. From portraying, Richar Nixon, to Pope Benedict XVI, playing the king of Asgard was probably the easiest.

To such an extent that it almost seemed like acting was unnecessary, though many would contend if that was the rightful utilization of a talented actor like him. Fans have wholeheartedly embraced Hopkins as their Odin.

MCU Star, Anthony Hopkins

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Anthony Hopkins Feels His Work in the Marvel Movies Is Pointless

After brilliantly embodying some of cinema’s most intricate and multifaceted characters, stepping into the role of Odin was a seamless task for Anthony Hopkins. So much so, that it led him to mark his script as N.A.R. or “No Acting Required”. The actor in a chat with The New Yorker, explained why he feels his work in the Marvel movies is a bit pointless. He said,

“I try to apply it to everything I do: no acting required,–On ‘Thor,’ you have Chris Hemsworth—who looks like Thor—and a director like Kenneth Branagh, who is so certain of what he wants. They put me in armor; they shoved a beard on me. Sit on the throne; shout a bit. If you’re sitting in front of a green screen, it’s pointless acting it.”

After an illustrious career and years of dedicated work in the entertainment industry, Hopkins finds himself taken aback by the emergence of new technology. To his amazement, the prospect of performing in front of a green screen appears somewhat absurd in the context of acting. He contends that this cannot truly be classified as genuine acting.

Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins in the Thor saga

The notion of standing before a blank canvas and creating a performance in the absence of tangible sets and surroundings feels peculiar, even surreal, to someone who has long thrived on the interaction with physical spaces and fellow actors. In Hopkins’ eyes, the art of acting is deeply rooted in the ability to immerse oneself in a genuine environment, to feel the presence of the scene, and to react authentically to one’s surroundings, and the green screen prevents him from selling the act a hundred percent.

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MCU Saved Anthony Hopkins From Almost Giving up Acting

In The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe book, the actor was found expressing his feelings about the opportunity he was provided. He said,

“Ken Branagh (director of first two Thor movies) gave me back the chops to work. I was gonna give it up, really. But, you see, he won’t let you do that. Working with Ken was quite an injection of new energy into my life.”

Anthony Hopkins

Turns out, Hopkins was almost going to give up the love of his life until the Marvel Cinematic Universe came in to rescue him. Although he needed no MCU fame to prove what he is capable of, recent times saw the actor dwelling into irrelevancy until Odin came along. Thus he says he will be eternally grateful for the opportunity. Despite having his fair share of spats with the green screen, he cannot deny the impact the Cinematic universe has had on the world for over a decade.

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All Thor movies are now streaming on Disney Plus.

Source: The New Yorker

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