Ahead of its launch in a little over a month, PlayStation and developer Insomniac Games have today revealed a pair of new posters from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. By all accounts, the Spider-Man sequel is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of 2023 and is without a doubt going to be a major hit for PlayStation. Now, as a way of generating even more buzz and excitement for the title, Insomniac has let loose some new images of the game that feature both Spider-Men.

Shared on Insomniac’s official X (or Twitter) account, a set of posters tied to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 were shown off. The first poster sees Peter Parker striking a post while swinging through New York City with the logo for Spider-Man 2 emblazoned over the top. The second poster is then quite similar, although it instead features Miles Morales in his new “Upgraded Suit”. Insomniac shared these new images from the game while also encouraging fans to pre-order Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

?Peter Parker and Miles Morales must #BeGreaterTogether to protect Marvel’s New York from overwhelming new threats!?

Will you rise to the challenge on October 20th, 2023?#SpiderMan2PS5

Pre-order here: https://t.co/88ReXscnNR pic.twitter.com/Ytd2EMGhtv

— Insomniac Games (@insomniacgames)

September 5, 2023

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this new poster for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is that the version featuring Peter doesn’t show him in his new Symbiote suit. This “black suit” version of Spider-Man was shown off heavily in the most recent gameplay presentation from PlayStation that debuted earlier this year. And while it’s clear that Peter’s new outfit will play a major role in the story of Spider-Man 2, clearly, PlayStation and Insomniac are opting to not put this costume front and center in the marketing for the sequel.

In case you didn’t already have the launch date for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 circled on your calendar, the game is set to arrive on October 20 exclusively for PlayStation 5. Currently, Spider-Man 2 is the most notable game that PlayStation is set to launch for the remainder of 2023, but it’s not the only one. Additionally, Sony will be publishing titles such as Helldivers 2 and Stellar Blade this year, although both of these games don’t yet have specified release dates just yet.

To learn more about Spider-Man 2, you can find the game’s official description from PlayStation below.

“Spider-Men Peter Parker and Miles Morales face the ultimate test of strength inside and outside the mask as they fight to save the city, each other and the ones they love, from the monstrous Venom and the dangerous new symbiote threat. Explore an expansive Marvel’s New York with faster web-swinging and the all-new Web Wings, quickly switching between Peter and Miles to experience different stories, epic new abilities and high-tech gear.

Wield Peter’s symbiote abilities and Miles’ explosive bio-electric powers in battle against new and iconic Marvel Super Villains – including an original take on a symbiote-infused Venom, the ruthless Kraven the Hunter, the volatile Lizard, and more from the Marvel Rogues’ Gallery.”

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