Silver Samurai is the latest addition to the Marvel Snap card pool. It’s, like most cards that have some sort of blade or a sword, a card that will have an effect that will be of help to some Discard decks. If you want to know more about the effect of Silver Samurai, his synergies, counters, and decks he’s good in, please have a look at our brief showcase below.

What Does Silver Samurai Do in Marvel Snap?

Silver Samurai is a Pool 5 card, so his initial cost will be 6000 Collector’s Tokens in the store. He is a 4-cost, 5-power card with the following effect:

On Reveal: Each player discards the lowest Power card from their hand.”

Quite an interesting effect, something similar to Moon Knight, but a bit narrower when it comes to potential targets.

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How Good is Silver Samurai in Marvel Snap?

Silver Samurai could see appliances in the following decks:

Discard Modok (Contesting with Dracula and Hell Cow for the 4-Cost slot, but I definitely wouldn’t play it there despite it being an obvious upgrade from Colleen Wing, brutal for discarding Wolverine, Muramasa, or X-23 for example) Good Cards Stature (Actually a good, on-curve partner with Black Bolt which will greatly increase the consistency of Stature enabling)

So let’s repeat: The discard is not the lowest Cost like with Black Bolt, but it’s the lowest Power. This means that you might be hitting the likes of rocks, Mystique, Arnim Zola, Mister Negative, Iron Man, Cerebro…

Should I Buy Silver Samurai in Marvel Snap? Is it Worth Buying?

If you ask me: No. Not yet at least. Unless you’re a die-hard Stature deck fan. Because it might not prove to be good enough for the current meta. Let it be for a while, see how it works, and then make an informed decision about whether you want to buy it or not.

That’s all for this card’s showcase. If you want to stick around on Prima for more Marvel Snap reads, I suggest How to get to Infinite Rank in Marvel Snap: Complete first-hand experience guide from a card game enthusiast

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