Mystique stars in her own limited series, using brutal methods to protect mutants.
Raven becomes mutantkind’s most wanted, enacting a mysterious plan with Nick Fury on her trail.
Mystique’s new role in the mutant landscape explores her complex history and familial relationships.

The iconic X-Men antihero Mystique was a central figure of the mutants’ beloved Krakoan Age, and now that their From the Ashes era is beginning, Marvel has finally revealed the epic antiheroic role that Raven will play in mutantkind’s future. Starring in her own Mystique limited series, Raven will once again use her brutal methods to “protect mutants everywhere,” after finally reuniting with her son Nightcrawler.

The “mutant terrorist” Mystique has long fought for the rights of mutants through violent, destructive means, but her time alongside her wife Destiny on Krakoa gave Raven renewed purpose to fight for mutantkind’s future.

Marvel’s announcement of Mystique – from writer and illustrator Declan Shalvey (Thundercats, Moon Knight) – revealed that Raven will become “mutantkind’s most wanted,” as Mystique enacts a mysterious plan with the master of espionage Nick Fury hot on her tail.

With a hit list as long as her rap sheet, Mystique’s actions catch the attention of Nick Fury, erupting in a deadly game of cat and mouse as the elusive shapeshifter infiltrates her way across the Marvel Universe. Complete with a new costume, Mystique’s new saga harkens back to her beloved early ‘00s spy series as she takes on a new and pivotal role in the current mutant landscape.

How do you track a subject with a history that contradicts itself? How do you stop a force whose motives change like quicksilver? How do you stop a target that can be anyone? That’s the question that confronts Nick Fury as he stumbles upon a web of lies and espionage leading back to Mystique. From the ashes of Krakoa, the shape-shifting mutant terrorist returns to remind the world exactly why it hates and fears her.

Mystique Has A Family She Loves To Fight For

The Krakoan Age finally brought Raven, Irene, Rogue, and Kurt together

The shape-shifting Mystique has one of the most complex and fascinating histories at Marvel, operating as a full-fledged villain and reluctant antihero for decades. Raven is over 100 years old, a skilled spy and fighter with several lifetimes of experience under her belt, and she will use all of these abilities as she fights to protect the delicate future she has built for herself. X-Men #35, the final issue of the Krakoan Age, depicted a beautiful tale from Chris Claremont establishing the new complex familial relationships between Mystique, Destiny, and their children Rogue and Nightcrawler. Mystique has more to care about than ever, which means she will do whatever she needs to keep her future safe.

“She’s a rogue element with no accountability putting a mysterious plan into action, ruthlessly destroying anything and anyone in her way.”

Mystique is no longer the psychopathic murderer that she was portrayed as for so many years, she is a passionate, loving, and troubled woman with a lot to prove to herself and those she loves. Raven has worked in espionage for years, and while she was originally seen as a terrorist for her work with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the “Magneto Was Right” movement has seen Mystique viewed in a new light. While some of her victims will never forgive her, the X-Men did accept her among their society on Krakoa. Yes, her methods have been vicious and cruel, but now she will utilize these methods for the good of mutantkind, setting aside her selfish desires for her family.

Nick Fury May Be The Only One Who Can Catch Mystique

However, Fury will learn that Raven is only caught if she wants to be

Mystique will follow Nick Fury as he discovers a web of manipulation and deceit spun by the “mutant murderess” Mystique, as they play a deadly game of cat and mouse with each other’s lives. Declan Shalvey’s cover for Mystique #1 depicts Raven – donning a new costume with her classic gun and knife – before a “hit list” of potential targets, all heroes ranging from Spider-Man to her wife Destiny. However, who is Mystique really after, and will Fury be able to stop her before she realizes her goal?

The From the Ashes era of the X-Men will see multiple mutant perspectives following the fall of Krakoa, from the cosmic adventures of Jean Grey in Phoenix (2024) to the next generation of mutant-hunters in Sentinels (2024). Mystique’s solo series will provide yet another glimpse into the post-Krakoan world, as Raven uses everything she has learned throughout her long life to protect the family she only just found.

Mystique #1 from Marvel Comics debuts on October 16th, 2024.

Source: Marvel

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