A hero is only as good as his villain in many stories in history, and if this is indeed the case, My Hero Academia has nothing to worry about. Creator Kohei Horikoshi has spent years creating some colorful heroes that operate both in and out of UA Academy, but the threats they have faced might even outshine the crime fighters overall. Now, for a new variant cover of a recent manga volume, a major Marvel comics artist has taken the opportunity to bring back the bad guys once again.

The Paranormal Liberation Front has easily become the biggest threat facing Hero Society and Class 1-A in My Hero Academia. While they were weakened substantially following the initial capture of All For One, Shigaraki managed to take a band of young thugs known as the League of Villains and merge them with the Meta Liberation Army to create the PLF. My Hero Academia’s sixth season focused on the Paranormal Liberation War, which saw Shigaraki achieving a new level of power but had the villains missing their biggest gun in All For One. Unfortunately for the heroes of UA Academy, the final arc has seen nearly every villain from the shonen’s past make a comeback and are all aiming to make their own version of Hero Society.

Pepe Larraz has worked on quite a few Marvel titles in the past, with the likes of X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, Star Wars, and The Mighty Thor being a few examples. While we haven’t seen a North American comic book released focusing on UA Academy, that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen the two universes collide before. In fact, one recent crossover was quite unexpected.

In the first Deadpool manga series, Deadpool Samurai, the Merc With A Mouth had the opportunity to team up with My Hero Academia’s All Might to fight Thanos. While Wade Wilson didn’t have the opportunity to jump into the shonen series’ universe, it made for quite the crossover when Marvel and Shueisha joined forces. As Marvel continues to create new manga series for some of its biggest heroes, we might get more anime crossovers in the future as well.

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