The MCU’s Fantastic Four movie will feature the Future Foundation in some form.
Spider-Man’s Future Foundation suit is distinct, clean, and sleek, featuring a white and black color scheme.
Spider-Man could join the Future Foundation in the MCU after a tragic event involving the Human Torch, setting up my favorite Spider-Man suit.

After a new The Fantastic Four reveal, I am fairly sure that my favorite Spider-Man costume will come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the coming years. Spider-Man is easily my favorite Marvel hero, and while Chris Evans’ Captain America takes that spot in the MCU, Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker is a close second. As a big fan of the hero, I have a few select Spider-Man costumes from all over the comics, games, animation, and live-action that stand as my favorites. Holland’s Spider-Man: No Way Home final suit is one of them.

Even though we saw very little of it, the Spider-Man costume used by Holland’s Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s final swing has great potential. With a piece of Venom staying behind in the MCU — if Venom: The Last Dance‘s trailer is simply a misdirection — we could also be getting another one of my favorite Spider-Man costumes — the Symbiote Suit — soon. A new update from Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four movie means that my favorite Spider-Man costume could be coming to the MCU, soon topping all the Spider-Man movies’ costumes.


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I’m Hyped Spider-Man’s Future Foundation Costume Just Became A Lot More Likely

The Fantastic Four Enter The MCU

My favorite Spider-Man costume is his Future Foundation suit. The reason for that is that the suit is quite distinct. While I will always be excited to see variations of Spider-Man’s classic red and blue costume — Andrew Garfield’s from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home being my favorite versions of that — it is always refreshing to see new takes on the wall-crawler’s suit. Spider-Man’s Future Foundation suit hits all the right marks for me. It is clean, sleek, and the use of a white and black color scheme shakes things up for the hero.

For those reasons, I’m hyped that the MCU seems to be making the arrival of my favorite Spider-Man suit more likely. The reason for that is The Fantastic Four‘s latest update. Recently, it was reported that Marvel Studios would be holding a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2024. Now, the first banners for The Fantastic Four‘s presence at the event were spotted, and they revealed that the Future Foundation will be included in the upcoming MCU movie in some form. As Spider-Man was part of the Future Foundation in the comics, he could also join it in the MCU.


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Spider-Man’s Future Foundation Costume Explained

The Suit Comes From A Tragic Event

Spider-Man only joined the Future Foundation in the comics due to the (temporary) death of his best friend, Johnny Storm. After the Human Torch died, the hero’s wish in his will was that Spider-Man join the Fantastic Four, and so Peter Parker became a member of the Future Foundation. The philanthropic group was envisioned by Reed Richards as a way to get the brightest young minds together to solve the future’s problems, as they would be the ones to live in it. As the Future Foundation expanded, characters like Spider-Man and Doctor Doom joined the team.

Spider-Man’s Future Foundation costume was given to him by Mr. Fantastic. The suit is quite different from the wall-crawler’s handmade costumes or most other technological Spider-Man suits. The reason for that is that Spider-Man’s Future Foundation suit is made of third-generation Unstable Molecules, which allows Spider-Man to change between his Future Foundation costume, iconic red and blue suit, and more using his mind. The suit can never get dirty and comes equipped with a stealth mode that makes it mostly black with white accents. Spider-Man’s Future Foundation suit matched the rest of the team’s costumes.


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When Spider-Man Could Get His Future Foundation Costume In The MCU

Spider-Man And The Fantastic Four Should Meet Soon

Tom Holland does not seem to be in The Fantastic Four, and even if Spider-Man were to make an appearance in the movie, it would most likely only be through a cameo at the end of the MCU film or in a potential post-credits scene. As such, the most realistic place for Spider-Man to meet the Fantastic Four would be in one of the next two Avengers movies. Avengers 5 and Holland’s Spider-Man 4 could set up his friendship with the Human Torch before tragedy strikes.

Avengers 5
releases 10 months after
The Fantastic Four

Then, 2027’s Avengers: Secret Wars could deal with Johnny Storm’s temporary death and Spider-Man joining the Future Foundation. As the team Reed Richards created played a key role in the comic book event that inspired Avengers: Secret Wars, I think the movie is likely the best place for Holland to don Spider-Man’s Future Foundation suit from the comics — my favorite Spider-Man costume. While that could also happen in Avengers 5, I’d say it works better if the Human Torch’s friendship with Spider-Man is set up across multiple movies before his death and Spider-Man joins the Future Foundation.

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