Michael Mann believes the people want more movies like Heat, which is why he is adapting the sequel novel.

Michael Mann, director of Heat, conducted a study with interesting results for his crime classic and superhero movies.

Coming up, Mann wants to adapt his sequel novel, Heat 2, into a film. And it appears that according to his study, this is what the people want.

“Heat’s a huge brand,” Mann told NME. “And there’s some studies that I’ve done within the industry… people are kind of getting tired of superhero movies and are becoming more interested in pictures like Heat, if you like.

“But it’s been a huge brand in Warner Brothers home video for the last 20 years in terms of rentals. So we found that out whenI wrote Heat 2, the novel… it was the first week out, it was instantly a number one New York Times bestseller,” he added.

The superhero genre fad at large seems to be dying out with the public. Films like The Marvels and the recently-released Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom have been disappointments at the box office. Perhaps the public does want more three-hour epics like Mann’s films.

Heat is a 1995 crime film written and directed by Mann. It follows a LAPD officer played by Al Pacino in a cat-and-mouse game with a criminal played by Robert De Niro. The film was notable for pairing the two actors, who previously appeared in The Godfather Part II together, on-screen for the first time.

In 2022, Michael Mann released Heat 2, a novel follow-up to the film. Like The Godfather Part II, Heat 2 is both a prequel and sequel to the film.

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