Kang the Conqueror is not done for good in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; he will play a central role in Phase 6’s Avengers films and the Multiverse Saga’s conclusion. The MCU is setting up Kingpin as the next major villain after Kang, with hints in Daredevil: Born Again and his upcoming role in Echo. The MCU should shift focus to street-level villains like Kingpin for its future, allowing heroes like Daredevil and Punisher to have more involvement in the action.

Recent Marvel Cinematic Universe reports bode well for the universe’s biggest villain after Kang the Conqueror. Jonathan Majors debuted as Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and while the movie seemingly saw the MCU villain die in a shocking twist, it is unlikely that Kang is done for good. Majors’ villain has been touted as the Multiverse Saga’s main threat, with Loki season 2 once again teasing all the dread that an unleashed Kang can bring to upcoming MCU movies.

After the MCU’s Phase 4 concluded without an Avengers movie and with Phase 5 set to repeat that feat, Marvel Studios will debut two films for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Phase 6 — Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. Kang is likely to be front and center in the two massive movies that will serve to bring the Multiverse Saga to a fitting end; however, the MCU will have a power vacuum following the end of Kang’s arc. Thankfully, new reports about the MCU’s future seem to indicate that Marvel already has its sights set on the next big villain after Kang, and the choice is perfect.

MCU’s Daredevil Reports Are Great For Setting Kingpin Up As The Next Major Villain

A new filing from the US Copyright Office has revealed details about Daredevil: Born Again that tease a major Kingpin change. According to the copyright filing, which is not confirmed by Marvel and thus subject to change, Daredevil: Born Again will see “longtime rivals Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) and Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) try to leave behind their darker alter-egos to serve the people of New York only to have their pasts catch up to them.” The new details, added to Fisk’s upcoming role in Echo, which should be emotional given his relation to Maya Lopez and how she ended up shooting him in Hawkeye, make Kingpin’s future really interesting.

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The new Daredevil: Born Again details line up with the rumor that Kingpin will become New York City’s Mayor in the series, with Fisk using his power to hunt the MCU’s street-level heroes. D’Onofrio’s Kingpin served as the main villain of Netflix’s Daredevil for all of its three seasons, which gives him plenty of experience to take this next step with the character, which could be Marvel’s way of setting up Kingpin to become the MCU’s next biggest villain after Kang. Plus, Kingpin seemingly trying to leave villainy behind and his arc in Echo should continue Marvel’s tradition of having sympathetic villains, and D’Onofrio knows how to get that right.

Why The MCU Needs To Focus On Street-Level Villains For Its Future

After having Thanos as the Infinity Saga’s main villain and Kang as the Multiverse Saga’s ultimate foe, the MCU should pivot to street-level villains like Kingpin in the future. It would be pretty hard to always keep upping the ante villain-wise, and having another villain in the Thanos-Kang line could end up feeling like more of the same. With Marvel Studios now having several street-level heroes, the moment is perfect for the MCU to focus on street-level villains, as heroes such as Daredevil and the Punisher will be able to be more involved in the action than if another major villain, power-wise, succeeds Kang as the MCU‘s Big Bad.

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