The upcoming Fantastic Four reboot could feature major villains from the MCU’s history to address criticisms of Phase 5. The casting of Fantastic Four’s leads has been viewers’ primary focus, so details of the storyline and villains have fallen under the radar. The Skrulls, who have already been established in the MCU, could be the perfect first villains for the Fantastic Four, tying the Phase 6 project to the MCU’s Secret Invasion.

Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four reboot could feature some major villains from the history of the MCU, whose involvement may help to explain some huge criticisms with the MCU’s Phase 5. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige confirmed the development of a Fantastic Four project in the MCU in 2019, shortly after the finalization of Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Fantastic Four is scheduled for release on May 2, 2025, as the first project in the MCU’s Phase 6, and with WandaVision’s Matt Shakman directing, there is a huge amount of excitement surrounding the upcoming reboot, and many questions about how Fantastic Four will impact the continuity of the Multiverse Saga.

Most of the discussion concerning the MCU’s Fantastic Four project has been focused on the casting of the four leads: Reed Richards’ Mister Fantastic, Sue Storm’s Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm’s Human Torch and Ben Grimm’s Thing. Recent rumors have suggested that Fantastic Four may have cast Pedro Pascal and Vanessa Kirby in the roles of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, respectively, though this hasn’t yet been confirmed. While casting of the film’s superheroes is well underway, the details of Fantastic Four’s actual storyline and villainous threat have fallen under the radar, though it’s possible the Phase 6 project could be used to explain major criticisms of one previous MCU event.


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Fantastic Four’s Movie Can Explain Secret Invasion’s Controversial Nick Fury Ending

Following its release in June 2023, Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion became one of the lowest-rated MCU projects, receiving major criticism for its writing, pacing and visual effects. This was particularly aimed at Secret Invasion’s finale, which created confusion as Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury simply left Earth without actually having solved anything regarding the threat of a rebellious faction of shape-shifting Skrulls. The rebellion’s leader, Gravik, had been killed, but there is still the small issue of over a million Skrulls currently living on Earth disguised as humans, and more joined them during 2023’s The Marvels, making this problem even more prevalent.

Nick Fury’s strange actions at the end of Phase 5’s Secret Invasion could finally be explained in the MCU’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. The fact that Secret Invasion left so many loose ends means that a future MCU project will likely explore the Skrull storyline in more detail, and considering the Fantastic Four’s history with Skrulls in Marvel Comics, the Phase 6 film may be the perfect place for this to happen. Secret Invasion and The Marvels could lead directly into Fantastic Four, and since these projects were disappointing additions to the Multiverse Saga, the continuation of their stories in Phase 6 could actually give them more context and gravitas.

Why Skrulls Would Make A Good Villain For The MCU’s Fantastic Four

A key element of Secret Invasion’s storyline featured Gravik’s attempts at enhancing the Skrulls into “Super Skrulls”, primarily through the use of the DNA of other prominent MCU heroes and villains. In Marvel Comics, the Super Skrulls are created using the collective abilities of the Fantastic Four, tying the villainous species directly to Marvel’s First Family. The Fantastic Four and the Skrulls battled on multiple occasions in Marvel Comics, so they would perhaps be the perfect first villains for the team in the live-action Fantastic Four reboot, particularly since the Skrulls have already been established in the franchise, and are in dire need of redemption following Secret Invasion.

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