Marvel Studios has begun development on officially bringing the X-Men franchise into the MCU. To that end, fans obviously have several key hopes and expectations for the future of mutantkind in the interconnected universe that’s already home to the Avengers, Spider-Man, and more heroes. Having already had their own franchise from 20th Century Fox, there are things fans would like to see handled differently once the X-Men enter the greater MCU in earnest.

As seen with characters such as Namor and Ms. Marvel, the concept of mutantkind is gradually being introduced in the MCU. Likewise, the X-Men are confirmed to exist in the multiverse with a variant of Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Deadpool 3 will serve as a multiversal adventure, likely providing the former X-Men universe with one last ride. Now, it’s been confirmed that Marvel Studios is seeking writers for an official X-Men movie set in the MCU proper. With that in mind, here are 15 things from Twitter and Reddit that X-Men fans are hoping for.

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15 MCU Going Beyond The Original Five X-Men

There have been persistent rumors that Marvel Studios is looking to begin their X-Men franchise with a movie focused on the original five members from the comics: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Ice Man, Beast, and Angel. However, Twitter user @thehermeister is more interested in looking beyond the core five who were all quite heavily featured in Fox’s movies. With such a massive roster of characters that will soon be at Marvel Studios’ disposal, there’s certainly room to look beyond.

14 Avengers vs X-Men

As seen in responses from fans such as @blurayangel, a big hope for the MCU X-Men is an eventual crossover with the Avengers. In particular, there’s a lot of hope for a live-action adaptation of the Avengers vs X-Men crossover from the comics. Mutant and human heroes initially being at odds with each other would certainly be compelling before they inevitably join forces in the face of some larger threat.

13 A Revolving X-Men Roster In The MCU (Hellfire Style)

In recent years, Marvel Comics has had a revolving roster for the X-Men on the page. Each member is effectively voted on by the majority of mutantkind each year at the annual Hellfire Gala. As such something along those lines could be rather interesting for the MCU as pointed out by @DT2ComicsChat. At least in theory, a constantly changing roster across team-up films could be rather innovative on screen, ensuring that no one handful of mutants takes up all the spotlight.

12 Justice For The X-Men’s Cyclops

There’s a large consensus that Scott Summers’ Cyclops was underutilized by Fox as the X-Men’s team leader. As such, @blurayangel also wants Cyclops to be given justice in the MCU. It would certainly be nice to see Cyclops do and be more than he was in the previous X-Men movies, his character development largely being relegated and sacrificed for the sake of Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix storyline (both times).

@FanboyClay has an interesting idea that Disney+ shows should be used to introduce individual mutant heroes before a bigger X-Men movie. Perhaps even Special Presentations could work as a means of introducing new characters, effectively avoiding the problem with Eternals with its large cast of 10 characters. After all, none of the Eternals received very much quality screen time as individuals.

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10 Professor X Was Hiding Mutants In The MCU

On Reddit, Blue-Apt-13 offers the theory that the X-Men and mutantkind in general were being masked thanks to the powers of Professor Xavier. This is a rather interesting idea, though it does beg the question as to why Xavier would suddenly stop hiding mutants from the rest of the world, even if he did disappear during the Snap as this Reddit theory suggests. Perhaps Xavier comes to believe that the world is ready to embrace mutants following the events of the Infinity Saga and the current Multiverse Saga.

9 A Slow Rollout Before A Bigger X-Men Movie

NC_Goonie believes individual members of the X-Men should be introduced and teased via post-credits scenes as Marvel Studios slowly builds toward a culminating X-Men film. Post-credits sequences could show the activation of X-genes with audiences recognizing powers, thereby signaling who these characters will become as X-Men. The big example provided by NC_Goonie is a post-credits shot of a girl accidentally putting her boyfriend into a coma with a kiss, thereby informing viewers that this is the first appearance of Rogue in the MCU, teasing her future in the X-Men movie without even saying her name.

8 Going Modern And Starting With Krakoa X-Men

While most mainstream X-Men movie fans are more familiar with the X-Men operating out of the Xavier School and battling threats like Magneto and his Brotherhood, the comics’ X-Men have had a drastic status quo change in recent years where the majority of mutantkind has been living on their own island nation known as Krakoa. While they’re still connected to the rest of the world as heroes, they’ve become a major global power all their own with their own government and society. As such, Reddit user NinjaDaze suggests that this could be a great way to make the MCU’s X-Men more unique from Fox’s version.

7 The X-Men’s First MCU Villain Should Be Mister Sinister

Although he was set up in some of Fox’s final X-Men movies, Mister Sinister never made it to live-action. As such, many fans like Twitter user @Jdog_TheFenrir have said that the time is now as part of the X-Men’s MCU debut. Obsessed with the genetic experimentation of mutantkind, Mister Sinister is one of the comics’ most dynamic X-Men villains. As such, his appearance in the MCU could be quite exciting.

6 The Eternals’ Tiamut Becomes The X-Men’s Krakoa

As it stands, the massive hand and head of the Celestial Tiamut is still residing in the Indian Ocean following the events of Eternals. Naturally, there have been several theories about its future in the MCU with next to no confirmation about what will happen to it. Now, @NexuswizardNR wonders if the X-Men could eventually transform the Celestial head, reforming it into their island nation of Krakoa in the MCU.

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5 MCU X-Men Needs To Go Beyond Wolverine, Professor X, and Magneto

If there are three big X-Men characters Fox was focused on the most, it was Wolverine, Professor X, and Magneto. To that end, Reddit user AsteroidMike sincerely hopes the MCU will look beyond these core three characters. As popular as they are, there are so many more X-Men who are just as compelling if they would simply be given some time to shine.

4 The Blip Created Mutants in the MCU

There have been several different ideas surrounding the idea that Thanos and the Blip are somehow responsible for the activation of the X-Gene in the MCU. To that end, Dvaderstarlord2 makes the great point that Rocket Raccoon confirmed in Avengers: Endgame that “Earth became ground zero for a power surge of ridiculously cosmic proportions”. As such, Bruce Banner confirmed that the energy from the Infinity Stones contained all sorts of radiation (primarily gamma). As such, perhaps the Snap left behind some residual energies that led to widespread X-gene activation going forward in the MCU.

3 X-Men Can’t Do The Avengers Format

Reddit user Nearby-Can9806 makes the great point that Marvel Studios can’t necessarily use the exact same format for the X-Men that they had for the Avengers with individual character movies leading to a team crossover film. After all, not every individual X-Men has their own rogues’ gallery of villains as Wolverine does. The X-Men have been a team from the start whereas the Avengers all came together as separate entities. The members of Marvel’s classic mutant team share villains to a much higher degree.

2 The X-Men Should Already Be Established (No Origins)

Much like Spider-Man in the MCU and the absence of seeing the death of Uncle Ben, TheMediocreCritic believes origins should not be depicted for the MCU X-Men. Audiences are very familiar with how they came to be just like Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman. Having been done several times before, the argument can be made that the MCU X-Men should already be an established team in some fashion, jumping right into the action instead of wasting time with background and origins on-screen.

1 Keeping The 90’s X-Men Theme

Reddit user alkonium believes that an arrangement of the original X-Men theme music from the 90s should be played over the Marvel Studios title card with the first movie. This would definitely be a fun and nostalgic way to herald in the MCU X-Men and their new future. Likewise, Marvel Studios hasn’t been shy about using the theme either as it’s already been used in both Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and in Ms. Marvel. It could absolutely become the main theme for the X-Men franchise in the MCU.

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