The Mutant Saga could be the next phase for the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the Multiverse Saga, as proposed by M14H through a TikTok video. Marvel Studios has already introduced a few mutants and taking on the X-Men would allow them to expand and refresh their franchise beyond the Avengers. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige hinted at utilizing mutants in future plans, pointing to the possibility of the Mutant Saga being the direction they choose to go next.

The Mutant Saga gets pitched as the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Phase 7 in a new artistic infographic as audience members are proposing where Marvel Studios should go after The Multiverse Saga. The MCU is still dealing with the multiverse as Marvel Studios attempts to outdo The Infinity Saga with several movies and Disney+ shows focusing on new and established heroes. However, projects released in the MCU Phases 4 and 5 have so far received uneven critical and commercial responses.

The Multiverse Saga hasn’t even entered Phase 6 yet, but some are already looking ahead to what the MCU should do in Phase 7. M14H pitched through a new TikTok video that the next arc should be The Mutant Saga, as they lined up multiple MCU shows and movies that would focus on the X-Men characters. The line-up also includes hypothetical sequels for Fantastic Four, The Marvels, and Captain America, as well as a new Scarlet Witch project for Elizabeth Olsen, with Phase 7 looking as follows:

The idea of having The Mutant Saga directly after The Multiverse Saga would be coming at the proper time, given the state of the MCU. Even though the MCU is still profitable and popular, it can’t be denied that some of the hype has died down after The Infinity Saga as Marvel Studios has begun focusing on the next generation for their franchise. With the pandemic and the ongoing Hollywood strikes, The Multiverse Saga is struggling with some of its momentum, and it may be a good point for Marvel Studios to consider if it might be time for a bigger shift.

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Given how the MCU has already begun introducing a handful of mutants, The Mutant Saga would be the organic direction for Marvel Studios and start beginning building out another side of the franchise. The X-Men coming to the MCU has been an exciting prospect for years, especially once the rights reverted back to Marvel Studios when Disney bought 20th Century Fox. Seeing how the MCU would tackle the X-Men could be the breath of fresh air that Marvel Studios have been looking for while not making the Avengers the only center point in this continuity.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige even stated at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 that the mutants are definitely something they are planning to utilize, which is why it wouldn’t be shocking if The Mutant Saga is the direction they go next. With a near-endless amount of characters to use, it will be exciting to see how the X-Men gets worked into the MCU across TV and film. Hopefully, the Marvel Cinematic Universe audience will get more details about the X-Men’s future sooner rather than later.

Source: M14H/TikTok

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