Spider-Man and Green Goblin are preparing for the Ultimate showdown. Ultimate Spider-Man #7, out July 31st, marks the beginning of the second arc of Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto’s Ultimate Comics run, which introduced readers to an older Peter Parker and a heroic Harry Osborn of Earth-6160. With a teenage Tony Stark assembling the new Ultimates six months in the future to forge his superhero resistance network and unmake the world ruled by The Maker’s Council (as seen in Deniz Camp and Juan Frigeri’s Ultimates series), Iron Lad has his next destination: coming issues of Ultimate Spider-Man.

Marvel Comics has released the first interior artwork from the pages of issue #7 (below), offering a glimpse at Spider-Man sparring with Green Goblin after their defeat at the hands of Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin; Oscorp scientist Dr. Otto Octavius upgrading Harry’s Green Goblin armor; Peter and Harry’s wives, Mary Jane and Stane/Stark CEO Gwen Stacy, at an apartment building; and Kingpin conspiring with Henri Dugarry, a.k.a. Captain Britian, ruler of this world’s European Coalition. 

The issue synopsis also teases a reunion between Peter and Tony, who sent the radioactive spider to set him back on the course to become Spider-Man after The Maker prevented the spider bite 20 years earlier (in Ultimate Invasion #1). While Spider-Man and the Green Goblin hone their skills — they defeated the Kingpin’s assassin, Bullseye, but were outmatched by Fisk’s superhuman physique — Kingpin is forming his own team: the Ultimate Sinister Six

Ultimate Spider-Man #7 Preview Pages

(Photo: Marvel Comics)(Photo: Marvel Comics)(Photo: Marvel Comics)(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Ultimate Spider-Man #7 (July 31, 2024)

THE ULTIMATES RETURN! NEW ARC STARTS HERE! After their intense battle with the Kingpin, Green Goblin and Spider-Man both know they aren’t as ready to reshape the world as they hoped. Harry and Peter get to work, while Ben and Jonah work on “the truth”… And problems for their resistance arise when the ULTIMATES return!

Ultimate Spider-Man #8 (August 21, 2024)

KINGPIN’S SINISTER SIX! Kingpin gathers a team to deal with his masked-vigilante problem… But a group of super villains isn’t the only challenge Spider-Man will face! Meanwhile, Green Goblin joins forces with…Doc Ock?

Ultimate Spider-Man #9 (September 25, 2024)

THE SINISTER SIX MAKE THEIR FIRST STRIKE! But WHO are the Sinister Six? The first member throws down with Spider-Man and Green Goblin in this action-packed issue! Plus, with Tony Stark’s return, Peter must also explore the limitations of his new suit…

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