Marvel’s Spider-Punk: Battle of the Banned continues to sell out in comic stores.

Initially, Marvel had a run release in July, and then they got a second printing in September. Both times, they sold out fast. According to The Popverse, a third printing of Spider-Punk’s story is headed to shelves later this month. And, if history repeats itself, it won’t be long before the third batch of comics sells out, too.

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Hobie Brown, AKA Spider-Punk, has been on the minds of many fans of the Spider-Verse ever since his appearance in Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, where he almost stole the show single-handedly. Before then, he was viewed as “just another Spider-Man variant,” but fans can’t get enough of him thanks to the movie. To that end, comic fans have been searching for stories featuring Hobie, including the series Spider-Punk: Battle of the Banned, which included his initial adventures. The series has done so well after the film that they’ve sold out twice.

Even the film’s directors noted that they didn’t just want Spider-Punk to stand out. They wanted him to be a focal point of every scene he was in, visually, while also oozing everything that Punk Rock is all about. To that end, they conducted wild experiments to not just nail his outfit but also the animation. They further admitted that the animation process to make Hobie “pop” on screen took almost three years. The results spoke for themselves, as viewers always knew when Hobie was present and it added to the incredible visual style that Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse is known for.

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The good news for fans is that Hobie will return for the third film in the animated trilogy, Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse. In the second film, he was one of the people who Gwen Stacy, AKA Spider-Gwen or Ghost Spider, counted on after she was brought into the task force that monitored the multiverse. However, true to his character, he rebelled after he learned the truth about Miles Morales and their plan for him. As such, when Gwen brings numerous Spider-Men together to save Miles at the end of the film, he happily joins.

Marvel’s Spider-Punk: Battle of the Banned will get a 3rd printing later this month.

Source: Popverse

 Spider-Punk’s miniseries Spider-Punk: Battle of the Banned sells out for the second time this year, earning it another printing.  Read More