Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will include a new feature that has divided fans. Spider-Man is one of the most well-respected characters in all of comics. He has a very established canon that fans know and love, a distinct personality, a unique set of powers, and much more that fans hold very dear. If any adaptation strays into a direction that is too different, the fans will be sure to get very loud about it. One thing that has been a bit divisive among fans for years is how Spider-Man’s powers should work in a video game. All of the games have different takes. Some force Spider-Man’s webs to latch on to a physical object like a building, while others allow them to basically stick on to the air.

One other thing the games haven’t been consistent about is fall damage. If Spider-Man jumps off of a tall building and hits the ground, should he die? Some fans think no, because he’s really strong and also it just wouldn’t be very fun if he could be injured if he for whatever reason didn’t spin a web. We’ve even seen in movies like Spider-Man 2 where Peter Parker falls from a tremendous height and survives. Should one of the greatest heroes ever really be able to end his reign by smacking into some pavement? That’s totally subjective! And Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will allow you to make that choice for yourself. Senior Programming Director Doug Sheahan for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 confirmed to IGN that the game will have the option to enable or disable fall damage as well as tweak the swinging mechanics.

“Something we’re seeing more and more of is that players like to be able to customize their experience,” Sheahan explained. “For those players, we added the ability to enable fall damage (fall damage defaults to Off) and even let people tweak how swinging feels with our Swing Steering Assist setting. We hope players who enjoy a deep dive into the details have fun experimenting.”

Spider-Man actor Yuri Lowenthal also told IGN that he is team no fall damage. He believes the risk of dying would prevent people from doing all of the fun acrobatic moves and not allow them to get inventive with the traversal if they knew they could die. He did, however, note that that it is odd he can slam into the ground and be totally ok.

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