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<p data-cy="Paragraph" data-experiment=" Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer

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 As with every PlayStation exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 includes a wide range of accessibility options for players. Here’s all of them.  Read More  ” class=”text-neutral-grey w-full mb-4 text-body-1 font-body dark:text-neutral-white”>As with every other PlayStation exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features an array of accessibility options. Insomniac Games is known for including a variety of accessibility options in their games to appeal to a broad audience and this time they’ve expanded their selection. Here are all the accessibility options that will be available when Spider-Man 2 is released.

Accessibility features in games are gaining prominence as important components of interactive media. PlayStation, a major player in the business, has made great gains in this direction.

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The console platform has embraced the idea of inclusive gaming by implementing numerous features that appeal to a wide spectrum of players. These additions aim to level the playing field for players with impairments in mobility, hearing, sight, or cognitive abilities.

SonyThe PlayStation 5 Access Controller Merges the accessibility options of any title seamlessly.

All players benefit from the increased personalization and adaptability made possible by the addition of features like these, which improve the gaming experience for people. Numerous PlayStation titles have, throughout the years, included accessibility options that have made gaming easier for players around the globe.

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Similarly, you can enhance your gaming experience by checking out the PlayStation 5 Access Controller which features a bunch of features that blend the accessibility options of any PlayStation exclusive seamlessly.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will also boast an abundance of accessibility options upon its release. Here’s every accessibility setting we know about, so far.

The accessibility options from Spider-Man: Remastered and Spider-Man: Miles Morales return in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The most recent Insomniac game also includes some of the cool features seen in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, which introduced settings that allow players to change the game speed to suit their requirements.


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While there is a lot to discover, Insomniac posted a detailed blog post along with a list of all accessibility options that will be available to players when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches. Here’s a complete list of them all.

Insomniac GamesMarvel’s Spider-Man 2 will include Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart’s Game Speed adjustments.

Challenge Level Modifiers
Enemy Health: Adjust enemy health
Enemy Damage: Adjust how much damage enemy attacks deal
Stealth Awareness: Adjust how quickly enemies can detect the player

Game Speed: Alter the game to 30%, 50%, and 70% of the real-time speed
Chase Assist: Chase targets’ top movement speed is lowered so there is a longer window before the target escapes. Automatically attaches to the chase target when within range. Press [R3] to automatically turn the camera towards the chase target.
Simplify Puzzles: Simplify some of the game’s puzzles such as the Genetic Splicer, Molecule Identification Tool, and others.
Dodge/Parry Timing: Increases the dodge and parry window time.
Enhanced Auto-Aim: Snap onto targets with greater ease while in aim mode.
QTE Autocomplete: Auto advance all QTE sequences without button presses.
Auto Heal*: When enabled, if a full Focus Bar is available, use it to automatically Heal when under the specified amount of health.
Swing Assists
Steering Assistance: Higher values allow for easier web-swinging while lower values reduce the amount of resistance and cause physics to have a greater effect on web-lines while swinging.
Slow Corner Timescale: Slow game speed during corner transitions to reduce disorientation when whipping around a corner at high speeds.
Web Line Bending: Turn on/off the ability for Web Lines to bend while walking on them.

Invert Controls
Invert Look Control: Inverts camera controls
Invert Web Wings Control: Inverts Web Wings controls on up/down (Y-Axis), left/right (X-Axis), or both

Vibration Setting*: Switch between Experiential, Functional, or None
Experiential*: All vibrations are enabled; feel the thunderous impacts of villain attacks all the way to the moving electric buzz of Miles’ Venom powers. This setting is designed to provide an engaging and immersive sensory experience, making player feel like they are truly embodying these iconic Super Heroes.
Functional*: Only vibrations that provide useful cues for gameplay and accessibility are enabled: this setting focuses only on crucial gameplay elements such as objectives, abilities, wayfinding, critical health, interactive clues such as detecting hidden objects or navigating the environment, etc.
None*: Controller vibration is disabled.

Repeated Button Presses: When set to Hold, on-screen button prompt sequences that require multiple button taps can be completed by holding the button instead.
Continuous Dodge: When enabled, hold dodge button to continuously dodge.
Vibration Intensity: Adjust the intensity of controller vibrations.

Aim Mode: Sets aim action to a toggle or a button hold.
Swing/Parkour Mode: Sets swinging and parkour to a toggle or a button hold
Air Trick Mode: Set Air Tricks input to HOLD or TOGGLE to perform tricks while swinging or gliding
Web Wings Mode: Set to TOGGLE to deploy Web Wings on/off with button, or set to HOLD to deploy Web Wings on by holding and tapping and off by releasing.
Melee Mode: Sets Melee action as either toggled on/off or a button tap.

Insomniac GamesPlayers will now be able to alter the difficulty of their enemies.

Camera Sensitivity
Look Sensitivity
Aim Sensitivity

Camera Shake: Turns camera shake ON or OFF during gameplay
Swing Camera Motion: Adjust the amount of roll, pitch, and field of view (FOV) changes while swinging.
Camera Follow: Automatically rotate the camera behind Spider-Man while swinging or running.
Combat Camera: Automatically rotates the camera to assist with keeping enemies in view.
Look at Waypoint: Automatically turns the camera toward the objective waypoint.
Global Volume: Adjust the overall volume of the game.
Music Volume: Adjust the volume of the game’s music.
Speech Volume: Adjust the volume of the game’s dialogue.
UI Volume: Adjust the volume of UI and HUD sound effects.
SFX Volume: Adjust the volume of the in-game sound effects.

Wireless Controller Speaker
Controller Speaker Volume: Adjust the volume of the DualSense Wireless Controller speaker
Controller Speaker Mode*:
Experiential*: Plays immersive sounds through the controller speaker.
Functional*: Only play critical gameplay sounds through the controller speaker.
Off*: Disable sounds from playing through the controller speaker.

Narrated ASL: Enable narration of subtitled American Sign Language Lines.
Voice Boost: When enabled, dialogue in the game is turned up to be more audible. While characters are speaking, it adjusts other sounds, so the dialogue is clearer.

Frequency Controls
High Frequency Cutoff: Disable high frequencies from 6000Hz and up.
Notch Frequency Filter: Enables the notch frequency filter slider to remove a specific frequency range.
Low-Frequency Cutoff: Disable low frequencies from 600Hz and below.

Subtitles: Display Subtitles for spoken dialogue.
Subtitle Customization
Subtitle Size: Adjust the size of subtitles
Subtitle Color: Set the text color for subtitles
Subtitle Speaker Color: Set the speaker name color for subtitles
Subtitle Background Color: Enable a background for subtitles for improved readability
Subtitle Background Opacity: Adjust the transparency of text on screen

Fullscreen Effects: When turned OFF, damage vignettes, intense flashing effects, and effects that impact the entire screen will be removed.
Center Dot: Enable a persistent dot in the center of the screen to help provide a focal point. Hidden during cinematics.
Screen Effects
Motion Blur: Adjust the blurring effect created by camera motion and fast-moving objects. Lower settings have less blur, while higher settings have more apparent blur.
Film Grain: Adjust the intensity of the film grain visual effect. The 0 setting is the lowest and 10 setting is the highest.
Chromatic Aberration: Enable Chromatic Aberration. Provides a filmic effect where colors appear slightly shifted and out of focus at the image’s corners.
Depth of Field: Turn ON or OFF the blurring effect for objects that are out of focus with the camera. When enabled, the farther away an object is from the camera’s focusing point, the less sharpness in detail it will have.

High Contrast Options
Hero Shader: Apply a solid single-color shader on the Hero to improve visibility.
Ally Shader: Apply a solid single-color shader on a friendly to improve visibility.
NPC Shader: Apply a solid single-color shader on NPCs to improve visibility.
Enemy Shader: Apply a solid single-color shader on enemies to improve visibility, and adjusts color for specific enemy types, including:
Basic Enemy Shader
Ranged Enemy Shader
Advanced Enemy Shader
Menace Enemy Shader
Boss Shader

Story Critical Shader: Apply a solid single-color shader to key interactable elements to improve visibility.
Combat Interactable Shader: Apply a solid single-color shader to throwables and distractions during stealth and combat to improve visibility.
Collectible Shader: Apply a solid single-color shader on collectible items to improve visibility. This includes items found in the world like Spider-Bots, Tech Parts, and more
High Contrast Background: Enable a high contrast background for assistance with visual clarity of some elements.
High Contrast Spider-Sense: Enable a high contrast Spider-Sense effect.
High Contrast Perfect Dodge*: Apply a high contrast color to the Perfect Dodge effect to improve visual clarity.

Control Hints: Control hints are displayed on the bottom left corner of the Heads-Up Display (HUD).
Explicit Puzzle Hints: Explicit puzzle hints explain how to complete a puzzle.

Lock Mini-Map North: When enabled, north is locked to the top of the mini-map regardless of which direction the player is facing.
UI Parallaxing: When turned OFF, Heads-Up Display (HUD) and Pause Menu elements will stay in place on-screen.
Mission Waypoint Display: Toggle to “Always Show” or “Show on Scan Only”.
Emphasis Text Color: Set the color for emphasized text.
Icon and Prompt Size: “Set the size for in-world waypoints, icons, and prompts.

Assign shortcuts to the Left and Right D-Pad, including:

Open FNSM App
Launch Photo Mode
Toggle Contrast Options
Game Speed 70%, 50%, 30%
Combat & Traversal Abilities
Symbiote Surge / Mega Venom Blast

Puzzle Skips: Puzzles will have the option to skip via the Pause menu

Insomniac GamesThe game has a plethora of accessibility options to fiddle with.

Screen Reader
Screen Reader: The screen reader reads aloud the text on the screen, and provides spoken guidance for navigating the menus.
Screen Reader Enabled: Settings Menu, Tutorials, Boot Screen
Screen Reader Volume: Adjust Screen Reader volume
Repeat Delay Time: Set the amount of time, in seconds, before the current set of entries will be repeated on idle.
Repeat Delay Scale: If On, each time the highlighted entry is repeated on idle it will double, up to a maximum of 60 seconds.

Screen Reader Status

Audio Descriptions
Audio Descriptions: Enable descriptive narration of in-game cinematics.
Audio Descriptions Enabled
Audio Description Volume

Subtitles (and Captions)
Captions: Display closed captions for non-speech sounds for key in-game events and combat music.
Caption Customization: Adjust settings for Captions, including:
Caption Size
Caption Color
Caption Background Color
Caption Background Opacity

Audio Output
Mono Audio

Aim Arc Color: Set the color arc indicator when throwing.
Target Arc Color: Set the color target indicator when throwing.
Center Dot Color: Enable a persistent center dot on the center of the screen to help provide a focal point. Hidden during cinematics.
High Contrast Options
High Contrast Presets: Enable various shader and high contrast options to help with visibility. Use presets or customize each setting individually.
High Contrast Outlines

UI Holds: When set to faster, the menu holds take less time to complete.

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Touchpad in Combat: Turn off to disable access to the Touch Pad menu during combat.
Controller Remapping: Remap button configurations
Customize Controls
Alternate Layouts (left/right bias)

So, there you have it — that’s everything about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 accessibility options. For more about the game, be sure to check our other content below:

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