Nova 2099 is a future version of the Human Rocket, with the Nova Force bound to every cell in his body.
The hero was created by experiments carried out on Xandar, but his huge power level attracted cosmic parasites which destroyed the Nova Corps, leaving him as its last survivor.

Annihilation 2099 #1
is coming July 3 from Marvel Comics.

Marvel has officially debuted its new Nova, as the latest version of the Human Rocket blazes onto comic pages. Marvel’s Annihilation 2099 is introducing a series of new characters, as fans meet the future versions of cosmic icons including Silver Surfer, Red Hulk and Star-Lord. However, in the first issue, it’s Nova 2099’s time to shine.

In a preview of the first issue shared by Looper, Nova reveals his origin as an experimental soldier for the Nova Corps who ended up as the sole survivor of Xandar. The issue showcases Nova’s ‘wandering lawman’ status quo in the world of 2099, while also revealing the vicious Exo-Parasites that destroyed the Nova Corps as mainstream Marvel fans know it.

It turns out that in 2099, Nova isn’t just a heroic member of the Nova Corps, but the subject of experiments to infuse his cells with the Nova Force. While the Exo-Parasites stopped the second phase of the experiment taking place, the new Nova gained immense power from the first phase, awakening “37 trillion tiny suns under my skin.”

The wording of “37 trillion tiny suns” seems intended to evoke the phrasing of the Sentry’s power, which is often compared to “a million exploding suns.” Even just the comparison suggests Nova 2099 is in the top percentile of Marvel’s most powerful heroes.


Hulk vs Nova Officially Settled Marvel’s “Strongest Force on the Planet”

The Hulk and Nova are two of the most powerful Avengers in the Marvel Universe, making their fight the ultimate decider for the strongest on Earth.

Nova 2099 Is the First, With Red Hulk, Star Lord and More to Follow

The Nova Corps are a peacekeeping group who operate across space, with all members drawing from the godlike Nova Force. The fewer heroes who draw on this force at the same time, the more powerful they are, and the original Nova Richard Rider has become godlike at times when he’s channeled the entirety of the Force. However, even Rider never had the Nova Force bound to every cell in his body – enough to attract the galactic predators that ultimately destroyed Xandar and left Annihilation 2099‘s star as the last surviving Nova.

Interestingly, the new Nova 2099 seems almost custom-designed to fit into MCU lore…

Nova is just the first character being introduced to Marvel’s retro-futurist 2099 line. Further issues will debut future versions of Star-Lord (a “Wakandan tech goddess”), Red Hulk (a Hulk who draws strength from the Power Primordial), Silver Surfer (a soul-hunting thrall of Mephisto) and Dracula (the Lord of Vampires, now living on a planet that fears daylight.) Each of these characters seem to be even more powerful than the originals, and their combined stories will establish a new cosmic status quo for Marvel 2099.

Nova 2099 Is a Suspiciously Good Fit for the MCU

With a Nova Project Upcoming, Is This the Human Rocket Movie Fans Can Expect?

Interestingly, the new Nova 2099 seems almost designed to fit into MCU lore. While the Nova Corps exist in Marvel’s movie universe, Richard Rider was never introduced, and Xandar was devastated by Thanos. The idea of a single, experimental survivor trying to make his way in a lawless galaxy fits where the movies have left Nova lore, opening up the possibility that Marvel may be trying out the Nova 2099 concept with one eye on adaptation. Currently, a Nova MCU show is in early development, with little confirmed about exactly what story and characters will feature.

Whether he’ll inspire the MCU or not, Nova 2099 is a fascinating addition to Marvel lore, as one of the publisher’s most underrated heroes gets a huge power upgrade and a new mission bringing law to a chaotic cosmos full of unthinkable threats.

Annihilation 2099 #1 is coming July 3 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Liam McGuire, Looper

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