One of the most underrated heroes that The Union had to offer is no more, and his demise is among the darkest Marvel has ever seen.

After helping a handful of humans escape the vampire onslaught, Union Jack and his fellow survivors have been cornered by their bloodsucking assailants. Even worse, Jack is quite possibly the last living member of his old team, yet he isn’t the last of them left. As seen in the pages of Union Jack the Ripper: Blood Hunt #2, his old teammate Bulldog has been transformed by Blade’s vampire army rather than being bled dry by the creatures of the night. Although considering how gruesome the process was for Bulldog, he might wish that he had simply been killed instead.


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Written by CAVAN SCOTT Art by KEV WALKER Inks by CRAIG YEUNG Colors by JAVA TARTAGLIA Letters by VC’s TRAVIS LANHAM Design by JAY BOWEN Main cover art by ROD REIS Variant covers by PHILIP TAN and BRIAN REBER

Introduced in the pages of 2021’s The Union #3, the high-flying acrobat hero known as Bulldog was one of the early picks for the eponymous team when it was being developed under the auspices of the Britannia Project. While Bulldog proved to be a formidable fighter despite his diminutive stature, his abrasive attitude didn’t endear him to any of his teammates in The Union at the outset of his career with them. In fact, Bulldog didn’t even get to join the team until after Britannia’s death specifically because of his overtly narcissistic tendencies.

While The Union were formed in the hopes of becoming the United Kingdom’s premier super team, their debut was cut short by the arrival of Knull and his armada of symbiote dragons on Earth. This led to the near-immediate death of Britannia, Britain’s most trusted and beloved superhero, leaving The Union as little more than a ragtag group of previously unknown vigilantes, apart from Union Jack. Surprisingly, The Union held their own during the events of King in Black, even if they did disband shortly after helping stave off the symbiote invasion.


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The current Union Jack, Joe Chapman, first appeared in the pages of 1980’s Captain America #253 by creators Roger Stern and John Byrne. In his youth, Joe was close friends with the heir to the mantle of Union Jack, Kenneth Crichton. When Chapman was given the chance to prove how heroic he could be, however, the mantle was passed on to him instead, as he was more suited for the job. While Britannia was a natural-born leader, Joe had a much more difficult time leading The Union. However, Blood Hunt allowed him to make up for his shortcomings without worrying about any teammates getting hurt along the way.

Union Jack the Ripper: Blood Hunt #2 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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“}]] Blood Hunt puts Union Jack in the middle of a gruesome battle with Marvel’s vampires, and reveals how he lost one of his most underrated allies.  Read More