Want a preview of what Marvel Studios is planning for this month’s San Diego Comic-Con? The banners for this year’s pop culture summer shindig have started appearing in the Southern Californian hub, and they’re showcasing a movie that many fans were hoping would be promoted at the movie: 2025’s Fantastic Four.

As noted by X (formerly Twitter) user Rob Paladino, the banners for the banners feature graphics for each of the four members of the iconic team — notably with their “real names” being used instead of their superhero identities, so we get Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm, and Ben Grimm being named, instead of Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, the Invisible Woman, and the Thing. The graphics are in keeping with the retro stylings of released key art for the movie so far — which makes sense, now that we know the movie is a period piece — with Sue Storm’s notably keeping the “dotted line” effect of her invisibility that early Fantastic Four comics had.

There’s more to the banners than just the graphics of the members, though; again, we can see the logo of the movie doesn’t actually call the film “Fantastic Four,” but “The Fantastic 4,” with both a definitive article and the numeral 4 instead of “four.” (This was the case with the first key art release for the movie too, but we’ll be honest; it slipped past us at the time.) Given that the asterisk is reportedly important for the upcoming Thunderbolts* movie, let’s assume that we should all be calling his movie The Fantastic 4 from now on.

More importantly: there’s another branding on the banner that’s worth noting. Look under the logo for the movie: that’s a Future Foundation logo — the name given to the group’s separate organization that furthers exploration and scientific expansion in Marvel’s comic book canon. Could the Foundation serve a similar purpose in the new movie? We might find out sooner than previously thought possible, depending on what Marvel Studios reveals at SDCC.

The Fantastic 4 is released July 2025. San Diego Comic-Con 2024 runs July 25-28 at the San Diego Convention Center.

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