Marvel’s The Fantastic Four reboot is highly anticipated for Phase 6 of the MCU.
Banners for the reboot were spotted in San Diego, hinting at an SDCC 2024 presence.
The main four stars may debut their costumes and potentially reveal the rest of the cast at the event.

A new look at The Fantastic Four is highlighted through new Marvel Cinematic Universe marketing, specifically for San Diego Comic-Con 2024. One of the biggest projects that will be joining the MCU movie timeline in 2025 is the long-awaited reboot of The Fantastic Four, as Marvel’s First Family are finally making their way into the franchise. With the film set to introduced the beloved team to the MCU, The Fantastic Four movie is understandably one of the most highly anticipated films coming out of Phase 6.

San Diego Comic-Con 2024 is taking place at the end of this month, and various studios have already begun to market some of their biggest properties – including Marvel Studios. @RobDino1925 shared images from San Diego, California, where banners of The Fantastic Four were spotted, suggesting that the reboot will be one of the big films coming to the event this summer.

At the time of this story’s publication, Marvel Studios and Disney have not formally announced whether The Fantastic Four will be highlighted at San Diego Comic-Con 2024. However, Marvel Studios is confirmed to have a presentation at Hall H on Saturday, July 27.


Every Actor Cast In MCU’s The Fantastic Four Movie (So Far)

The cast of Marvel Studios’ The Fantastic Four reboot has begun to be revealed, ahead of the highly-anticipated movie’s release on July 25, 2025.

If The Fantastic Four is indeed going to be part of Marvel Studios’ Hall H panel, it begs the question of what they could actually feature for the movie. As confirmed by Kevin Feige, The Fantastic Four will start filming the day after San Diego Comic-Con is over, meaning Monday, July 29. That essentially means there will be no footage of The Fantastic Four featured at Marvel’s panel.

However, one of the big advantages of The Fantastic Four filming directly after San Diego Comic-Con is that the costumes will hopefully be ready by then, as the movie has been in pre-production. If anything, The Fantastic Four cast could debut the suits on Hall H stage, giving the entire world a proper look at the uniforms in live-action. SDCC is one of only a few handful of times when any MCU cast member suits up aside from filming, such as the iconic moment with Tom Hiddleston showing up as Loki.

Another surprise that Marvel could include for The Fantastic Four at San Diego Comic-Con is unveiling the rest of the cast, including the actors who have been tapped in mystery roles. That would be more than enough to get a lot of hype from the MCU audience as they get ready to see these characters in the franchise. With only a couple of weeks left to go, the world will know soon enough whether The Fantastic Four will be part of Marvel Studios’ San Diego Comic-Con presentation.

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