The DCEU and MCU have been competing in the superhero genre, with Marvel Studios having an advantage due to popular main characters and stars. Some actors, like Ryan Reynolds, have played characters in both universes, and now some Marvel stars are getting the chance to play DC characters. There is a possibility of a crossover between the MCU and DCU, as Marvel and DC have already collaborated in comics and with directors like James Gunn involved.

The DCEU and the MCU have been fighting over the domination of the superhero genre both on the small and big screen, with the universe led by Kevin Feige having a significant adventage on the battle. A big part of the popularity that both franchises have accomplished have to do with the big names behind the main characters of their movies and tv shows, who hace become major stars thannks to their roles as famous heroes or villains.

Some actors like Ryan Reynolds have had the chance of playing characters in both of the extended universe, playing Wade Wilson in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Hal Jordan in 2011’s Green Lantern and returning as th Merc with a Mouth in Deaddpool and its sequel, with the anti-hero soon joining the MCU with his next film. And now some of his new co-stars within the Marvel Cinematic Universe also get the chance of playing a character from the DCU.

On Reddit, artist TheOGCukeman published a set of images that show some of the most popular stars from Marvel Studios transformed into heroes and villains from DC. The pictures include alternative versions of Batman, Superman, Poison Ivy, Harvey Dent, Aquaman, Catwoman, Riddler, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Deathstroke, Ra’s Al Ghul, Mera, Black Adam, Commissioner Gordon, Supergirl, and Talia Al Ghul:

Now that the DCU is gping through some major changes with James Gunn behind every project, and considering that the director has been an important part of the MCU, it wouldn’t be a surprise for many Marvel Studios star to go work with him on the competition. In fact, Gunn has already taken some with him in The Suicide Squad, and has already teased that some familiar names from Guardians of the Galaxy could appear in the future of the DCU.

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In the comics, Marvel and DC have already get some of their most iconic characters together in a few titles in the past. In 1978, Superman and Spider-Man joined forces to defeat Lex Luthor and Doctor Octopus right when both companies were going through one of its best moments.

Some other major crossoverse followed, with the X-Men and the Teen Titans appearing together, and there was even an event confronting their heroes in 1996 with DC vs Marvel. Batman and Punisher have also crossed paths, while the Avengers and the Justice League too in 2003.

But the most surprising collaboration between both comapines was the creation of the Amalgam imprint, which presented new characters inspired in some of their most popular ones. For example, Captain America and Superman mixed to create Super-Soldier.

So, if all of these titles were possible, the chances of Marvel Studios and the recently created DC Studios joining forces to deliver some epic and unforgettable crossover are definitely high, especially since Gunn and Feige hav worked together for a long time.

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