Introduced in “Fantastic Four” #211, Marv Wolfman and John Byrne’s creation, Terrax the Tamer, ruled the planet Lanlak before being chosen by the nearly all-powerful Galactus to receive the Power Cosmic and become his new herald in the Marvel Universe. While he impressively helped Galactus feed on many planets, Terrax’s disloyalty and desire to conquer for himself ultimately led the Devourer of Worlds to strip him of his great powers. Terrax has lived and died multiple times throughout the years, and even once worked with the Silver Surfer and other former Heralds in a battle against Morg the Executioner.

Looper’s exclusive preview of “Giant-Size Silver Surfer” #1 (by Mat Groom, Tommaso Bianchi, Andrew Dalhouse, and VC’s Joe Sabino) opens with Terrax arriving on a planet he plans to conquer and enslave. However, upon announcing that he’s the former Herald of Galactus, the aliens on the world mistake him for Silver Surfer. Despite his efforts to reiterate that he is, in fact, the mighty Terrax, the aliens still don’t fully understand who he is. The final page features Terrax taking control of the planet, aping Dwayne Johnson’s line by declaring, “The universal hierarchy is about to change forever” as he activates a device designed to summon the Silver Surfer. Check out the full preview below.

 Marvel rocks Dwayne Johnson with a hilarious DC movie diss in our exclusive preview of “Giant-Size Silver Surfer” #1 by Mat Groom and Tommaso Bianchi.  Read More