NetEase Games’ hero shooter Marvel Rivals is on the way to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. The free-to-play game features 21 characters from the current Marvel comic lineup, including heroes like Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Spider-Man. The latter of whom was the focus of the game’s latest trailer.

The new Marvel Rivals Spider-Man reveal trailer is less than a minute long. However, it offers a few gameplay highlights and previews some of Peter Parker’s alternate skins. His web-swinging and wall-climbing allow him to take advantage of the map’s verticality, moving quickly to new locations and dropping down on enemies from above.

The video also shows Spider-Man’s ranged and melee attacks in Marvel Rivals. Peter can use his web to grab enemies and pull them into melee range. The trailer also shows him shooting webbing at distant enemies and spraying two larger webs to the left and right. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t show the effect of those two moves.

The new Marvel Rivals trailer also shows some of Spider-Man’s alternate skins. In addition to his default costume, the trailer features Spider-Punk and Peter’s Bag-Man outfit from the Comic’s 2022 Beyond storyline. Not shown is the Scarlet Spider Skin exclusive to the PS5 version of NetEase’s game.

While Spider-Man was the focus of the latest trailer, it also shows a little of the game’s destructible environments, with an archway collapsing as Spider-Man dodges enemy fire. Fans also got more of a look at the game’s Tokyo 2099 map, which NetEase Games showcased in earlier teasers.

In addition to the main Peter Parker Spider-Man, Marvel Rivals also features Venom and Peni Parker as separate playable characters.

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