Even though Captain America: Symbol of Truth has officially come to an end, Marvel just answered a big question about the Sam Wilson-focused series. Last year the publisher started a fun experiment, with both Captain Americacharacters once again having their solo comic series simultaneously. This was done previously a fear years ago when Captain America: Sam Wilson and Captain America: Steve Rogers were being published, and last year Marvel Comics began to release Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (the Steve Rogers-focused series) and Captain America: Symbol of Truth (the Sam Wilson-focused series). But with two Captain Americas, what do they do about their being only one shield? Now we know.

This week saw Marvel Comics publish Captain America #750, a landmark issue for the hero but one that also ties up some loose ends from both Symbol of Truth and Sentinel of Liberty. The first story is one that is actually set months ago, before the events of Captain America: Symbol of Truth and in it we learn where Sam Wilson’s Captain America shield came from. Before the events of his new series, in a story written by series scribe Tochi Obyebuchi and drawn by artist R.B. Silva, Wilson pays a visit to Misty Knight who reveals his brand new shield to him and tells him his time to take up the mantle of Captain America once again has come. Misty Knight reveals to him, “This isn’t just about you, Sam. This about us. This is about all the people who came together to make this thing. For you. It’s not just me. It’s all of us. All of us who undecided that this is the time. This is your time..

She then reveals that T’Challa the Black Panther “supplied the Vibranium,” Tony Stark molded the design, Thor used his hammed, and she used hers too. “It aint just me in that shield,” Misty says. “It’s everyone. Sharon Pietro Carol Monica, Heck, even Mahor Luke Cage. Natasha. Gideon, Jody, Sarah, Steve, they all said the same thing. the same thing. You need to do this.” After using the shield to thwart an attack, Sam visits the graves of his parents and recounts it all to them as well, cementing his place as Captain America in the Marvel universe.

Though Sam Wilson will seemingly continue to operate as Captain America in the pages of Marvel Comics moving forward, the publisher hasn’t actually confirmed if he’ll have his own solo comic moving forward. After the conclusion of the two Captain America comics, Marvel has only announced one new series, simply known as Captain America. Legendary writer and filmmaker J. Michael Straczynski is set to pen the new series, which launches later this year, which appears to focus exclusively on Steve Rogers

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