Recently, Marvel announced that it would be launching a Spider-Man-centric crossover event called Gang War, where Spider-Man puts together a team of heroes to help him take on the super-criminals of New York City when they all go to war for control of the Big Apple. At the time, Marvel announced a number of tie-in miniseries for the event, but now, one of those miniseries has graduated to an ongoing series, as Spider-Woman will be receiving a new ongoing series spinning out of Gang War in November!

The series will be written by Steve Foxe, with artwork by Carola Borelli, and the first story arc (presumably what would have been the originally referenced miniseries) will deal with Jessica Drew being recruited by Spider-Man to his new team, with Spider-Woman specifically trying to stop her old foe, Viper, from stopping a union between Hydra and Diamondback. However, Spider-Woman is also dealing with some after-effects from being untethered from the Web of Destiny in Dan Slott and Mark Bagley’s Spider-Man series.

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What happened with Spider-Woman and the Web of Destiny?

In the first issue of Dan Slott and Mark Bagley’s Spider-Man series, Spider-Woman was stabbed by a possessed Spider-Man: Noir, which untethered her from the Web of Life and Destiny. What that did was not just KILL her, but also make it so that she never even existed at ALL, undoing all of her life to that moment. Later in the storyline, she was resurrected. However, this series explains that things are not quite that simple.

The press release notes that “The Web of Destiny restored Spider-Woman’s life, but even Captain Marvel and Madame Web can tell something’s changed,” and that change will presumably be a key point in this new series, as Spider-Woman is far angrier than she ever was before, and there is probably something wrong about this whole situation. There’s not exactly a resurrection how-to manual.

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Foxe explained to Marvel in the aforementioned press release, “Jessica Drew has been my favorite Marvel heroine since I was a kid. From the instantly classic costume to her complex backstory, there’s just SO much to her. She’s a spy, a street-smart detective, a superheroic best friend, an Avenger, a Spider-Verse-hopper, a mother, and a survivor. Getting the chance to do it alongside Carola, as well as Eric Koda on our prologue, has been bioelectric heaven. The events of Gang War ended up being the perfect springboard for a story that embraces what Zeb [Wells] and co. are doing in Amazing Spider-Man while also telling a distinctly Spider-Woman saga–with lasting ramifications for some of her closest relationships–in her own book. Few characters have been through Hell like Jessica Drew has been through Hell, and I’m so excited to throw EVEN MORE at her.”

The first issue will also have variant covers by Bengal and Felipe Massafera.

Spider-Woman #1 is due on sale from Marvel on November 29.

Source: Marvel

 Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, is receiving a brand-new ongoing series spinning out of the Spider-Man crossover, Gang War.  Read More