More Marvel characters are coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol, including Shang-Chi and a popular version of Thor. Today, Atomic Mass Games previewed several upcoming products for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, its popular miniatures skirmish game featuring Marvel characters. In addition to a new wave of previously announced X-Men characters, Atomic Mass Games revealed that Shang-Chi and Silver Sable would be joining the game next year along with a wave of Asgardian characters that included Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor and Lady Sif, along with new versions of Loki and Thor. Additionally, Atomic Mass Games teased that Dracula would be coming to the game, likely as the next 7-Threat villain character. You can check out preview images of the new Asgardian characters and Shang-Chi and Silver Sable below: 

Atomic Mass Games also announced a new game mode called Mojo Ball that may feature different objectives and set-up than traditional Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Additionally, terrain packs will now come with special One-Shot cards, which add additional rules tied to specific pieces of terrain. These are optional rules that may or may not raise the threat level for a particular game, but provides some new options for players. 

As part of the presentation, Atomic Mass Games also showed off their previously announced new wave of X-Men figures, with Iceman, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Bishop, Professor X, and Shadow King all joining the game later this year. These figures were previously shown as renders, but not as fully painted figures. These will likely be released in late 2023 or early 2024.

Also revealed were painted versions of Ben Reilly, Gwenom, and a handful of Spider-Man villains. No release dates were given for these figures either. 

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