Marvel just corrected an MCU Timeline mistake surrounding a Phase 4 favorite. A lot of debate has raged among fans about where Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings belongs in the sequence of Marvel projects. Well, on Disney+, the company just clarified that Simu Liu‘s MCU debut belongs right after WandaVision and before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Before now, it was nestled after Spider-Man: Far From Home, (which was all the way back in Phase 3!) This change makes a lot of sense as one would assume The Dweller In Darkness would only have been able to crash through dimensions as a result of Sylvie killing He Who Remains in Loki

As Phase 5 continues on, the questions around the larger timeline get thornier. But, with the release of an official timeline book, there are more answers than ever. The written account allows Marvel Studios to explain certain decisions and provide clarity when the fans can’t figure out what went wrong for themselves. In this case, a lot of people were wondering if Marvel was trying to sneak Shang-Chi’s movie further into the past than it would appear on first watch. Instead, this was just a clerical error that’s pretty easily rectified by changing some code on Disney+.

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Marvel Fixes A Big MCU Timeline Error

There have been other changes to the MCU’s timeline within the last week. In fact, Marvel Studios’ The Marvel Cinematic Universe – An Official Timeline just hit shelves and delivered a definitive answer about a longstanding head scratcher. Spider-Man: Homecoming confused a lot of MCU die-hards when the opening sequence says that the movie takes place “8 Years Later” than The Avengers. Well, the official Marvel book brings in the TVA to bring some clarity to some timeline shenanigans. Miss Minutes calmly explains how the dialogue quirk probably explains how this mistake made it through to the finished movie.

The Battle of New York definitely takes place in 2012, and that means Spider-Man: Homecoming definitely hits in 2016. MCU fans from all over were absolutely delighted to see Marvel offer some clarity on this front. “Redline alert! Hi again! Adrien Toomes says the Battle of New York was eight years ago, but that event was only four years prior,” Miss Minutes says to the prospective readers. “This one’s a real head scratcher for us — I reckon an analyst misplaced the case file.”

The MCU’s Official Timeline Book Is Making Waves

Not too long ago, Marvel decided to bring in an official timeline keeper to help them organize all the threads of The Multiverse Saga. Out of that project comes Marvel Studios’ The Marvel Cinematic Universe – An Official Timeline As the book is already on store shelves, fans are still learning all kinds of new nuggets about The MCU and clarifications on some long-running mysteries. Here’s what the company had to say about the release: “The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is vast, incredibly varied, and richly complex. Different worlds, different timelines, countless characters. This is the guide to that universe. Created in close collaboration with Marvel Studios, it will answer the biggest questions: what happened, when, where, and why.”

“Follow the entire story of the MCU from before the Big Bang to the Blip and beyond. Along the way, learn more about the evolution of the Iron Man armors, the hunt for the Infinity Stones, and the formation of the Multiverse. Want to know how many times aliens have invaded Earth, or the complete history of Cap’s shield? Look no further! A treasured keepsake for any movie buff, filled with exclusive infographics, illuminating timelines, and amazing movie stills, this book will have pride of place on any MCU fan’s shelf.”

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