Gambit’s fans share their favorite moments and panels showcasing his charm and personality.
Marvel’s upcoming Uncanny X-Men series may provide a bigger platform for Gambit’s character development.
Gambit’s charm lies in his nonchalant demeanor and passion for his actions, making him relatable and likable.

Social media users have come out to show some love for Marvel’s most underrated mutant, Gambit. For the X-Men fanbase, Gambit can be something of a mixed bag. He’s someone who audiences either love or they hate, largely because (to some at least) Marvel has spent 27 years mistreating him and his character. And for audiences indifferent to him, it might be hard to see what Gambit lovers get so hyped about.

Anne Writes Comics over at X was wondering herself as to what makes Gambit so likable to those who are endeared to the Ragin’ Cajun. All Anne asked for was for followers to reply with one page, one panel, or one moment of Gambit to make her like him. What followed was an unapologetic adoration for Gambit from all possible angles across the site.

The overwhelming reaction to the tweet is enough of a reminder that there is plenty to love about Gambit.

Here are Some Notable Responses

Fans of Gambit from all walks of life came out of the woodwork to support and show love to the New Orleans native. Among them include Marvel/DC writer Tom Taylor, who cites a moment from All-New Wolverine #18, written by Taylor himself with artwork from Nik Virella.

Other moments showcase how versatile Gambit can be as a personality, ranging from the humor derived from a conversation with his beau Rogue about Deadpool’s kissing skills, to Remy LeBeau’s tactical skills as an escape artist.

Gambit can be a divisive figure in the comics community. Truthfully, those who dislike him don’t usually outright hate him, but just don’t share the same overwhelming love that other fans feel for him, or don’t understand why that love is warranted.

As many of these panels go to show, much of the division comes because Gambit’s charm and demeanor is so nonchalant. His charisma isn’t as bombastic or explosive as his powers. Instead, his charm comes from having a fairly normal personality, but he is passionate about anything he does, whether it be blowing up cards or his love for Rogue.

How Does Marvel Better Showcase Gambit?

Fans May Get More Gambit Sooner Than Later

It’s evident that Gambit has his legion of fans, but what can Marvel do to allow the character to reach a wider audience so that others can understand the greatness that others see in him?

If the only thing holding Gambit back was more of a spotlight or platform to shine, he may get a bigger role in the X-Universe in time for 2024’s new Uncanny X-Men.

The upcoming series by Gail Simone and David Marquez takes place in Remy’s home town of New Orleans and will star his lover Rogue in a new leadership role.

With Gambit due to be a prominent character in the newest volume of Uncanny X-Men, this is the chance for the world to get a better glimpse at what makes him so likable.

Uncanny X-Men

will be available August 7 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Anne Reads Comics via Twitter/X

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