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Warning! We’re getting into spoiler territory for Loki season 2 episode 1 below. So, make sure you’re up to date before reading on.

The second season of Loki sees the God of Mischief barrel back into the TVA after the dramatic events at the End of Time with He Who Remains. He’s on a mission to find out what exactly the consequences of Sylvie killing him were, and where exactly she went after she pushed him through that Time Door. All the while, Loki is also struggling with a case of time-slipping too as he keeps being pulled through the past and the present.

There’s a lot to take in during the first episode, so you’d be forgiven for pausing as the credits roll to take stock of where exactly this lands the characters. But a word of warning – don’t switch off straight away as there’s a hidden treat waiting at the end.

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There’s only one Loki season 2 episode 1post-credits scene, but it’s a good one. After the main credits roll, we see the return of Sylvie as she slips through a Time Door and onto a branched timeline.

She lands in a field, which we soon learn is in Broxton, Oklahoma in 1982. After looking around a bit, she heads to a local building, which turns out to be a McDonald’s. “How do I do this,” she quizzes the cashier who wants to know what she’d like to eat.

“Not squirrel, not possum, not rat, something that’s already dead – and nothing with a face, please,” is her perfect reply. Sylvie then starts longingly looking at families and friends eating in the restaurant before she heartbreakingly adds, “I want to try everything”.

So, we now know where Sylvie is, and based off the show’s trailer, she’ll soon be busy working at the restaurant. Now we just need to know how Loki might find her…

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Intriguingly too, the location that we see Sylvie in features a neat little nod to the Thor comics. Broxton is where Thor ended up recreating the City of Asgard after his rebirth. It’s basically pretty similar to New Asgard in the Thor movies, but instead of being in Norway, it’s in Oklahoma.

The location first appeared in Thor (Vol. 3) #1 in July 2007 and became known as “Little Asgard”. It remained a key staple of the comics until it’s destruction in Thor (Vol. 6) #20 in January 2022.

While it probably doesn’t mean much more than being a cheeky reference for Thor fans, it’s a nice addition. It also makes Broxton a pretty fitting location for this Loki variant to feel at home in.

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