You know things have gone badly wrong for the Marvel Cinematic Universe when its worst-ever movie is being placed back under the harsh spotlight of reappraisal for the sole reason that something even worse has come along, but that’s the situation we’ve found ourselves in.

The finale was a disaster on every imaginable level to put it lightly, leaving old and new fans alike more concerned than ever before that the end is really nigh for the most successful franchise in all of history. Not that it’s going to end anytime soon, but the wheels are definitely looking shakier than ever.

It isn’t all doom and gloom, though, because at least one person had a blast delivering the single lowest-rated piece of content the MCU has ever produced.

Somebody enjoyed the Secret Invasion finale, even if they were getting paid for the privilege

Screenshot via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Emilia Clarke always comes across as an absolute delight, so let’s hope she isn’t paying attention to the backlash to have greeted her character G’iah becoming ridiculously overpowered in the Secret Invasion finale, even if the decision had nothing to do with her.

For what it’s worth, the actress revealed she had the most fun she’s ever experienced on a film or television set being thrown around on wires while kicking Gravik’s ass, so at least we know there’s one person out there who had a blast concocting the MCU’s weakest offering ever.

To the delight of some, The Marvels stuck in the middle of unfortunate box office circumstances

Screenshot via Marvel Studios

Based on not just how the MCU’s most recent titles have been performing in theaters but the current state of blockbuster cinema as a whole, it seems unreasonable to expect The Marvels to match the $1.1 billion haul of its predecessor at the box office.

It might not even be able to, either, with a potential rejection from Chinese censors on the cards alongside Dune: Part Two hogging the majority of IMAX screens, while it can’t even be discounted that the writers’ and actors’ strikes ultimately see it pushed back into 2024.

Quantumania stands tall after getting cut some slack in the wake of Secret Invasion

via Marvel Studios

MCU supporters can often have very short memories, but even the unforgivable sins of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania are beginning to be atoned after its third act was given a reappraisal in the aftermath of Secret Invasion ending about as badly as possible.

Sure, the Multiverse Saga’s big bad Kang the Conqueror was defeated fairly easily by a cavalcade of giant insects, but at least he wasn’t handily destroyed by a brand new character injected with the combined ability of every single Avenger to leave the MCU with a godlike being looming large over canon for the foreseeable future.

That’s it for another week of all things Marvel, but as always, be sure to check back tomorrow to see the latest happenings.

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