One director and one actor are reportedly banned from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the new tell-all book MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios by Joanna Robinson, Dave Gonzalez, and Gavin Edwards, the rise and dominance of the MCU is intricately detailed. Going through decades of Marvel’s on-screen history, the book also delves into the behind-the-scenes issues that have occurred with various projects, leading to two names getting banned from the MCU by Kevin Feige. Per Dexerto, it’s noted in the book, “If the Inhumans could be rehabilitated, apparently everyone in MCU history was on Feige’s call list—except Edward Norton, the franchise’s first Bruce Banner, and Joss Whedon, whose Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters remained in limbo.”

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These may not be the biggest shockers. Edward Norton’s troubles behind the scenes of The Incredible Hulk were well documented, as the actor had very different ideas for what the movie should be. They managed to get through production on the film, though Hulk was promptly recast with Mark Ruffalo taking over the role for subsequent MCU projects. At the time, Feige has released a public statement announcing Norton’s exit from the role.

“We have made the decision to not bring Ed Norton back to portray the title role of Bruce Banner in The Avengers,” Feige said. “Our decision is definitely not one based on monetary factors, but instead rooted in the need for an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members. The Avengers demands players who thrive working as part of an ensemble, as evidenced by Robert [Downey Jr.], Chris [Hemsworth], Chris [Evans], Sam [Jackson], Scarlett [Johansson], and all of our talented casts.”

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Feige and Joss Whedon are also said to have butted heads over Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Marvel Television series. The book suggests that Feige wasn’t happy with what Whedon was doing with the series, as the existence of S.H.I.E.L.D. contradicted the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That may also tie into what Feige wrote in the foreward to another new MCU-focused book, in which he implies that all of the Marvel shows before WandaVision aren’t a part of the MCU’s “Sacred Timeline.”

“On the Multiverse note, we recognize that there are stories — movies and series — that are canonical to Marvel but were created by different storytellers during different periods of Marvel’s history,” Feige wrote for Marvel Studios: The Marvel Cinematic Universe – An Official Timeline. “The timeline presented in this book is specific to the MCU’s Sacred Timeline through Phase 4. But, as we move forward and dive deeper into the Multiverse Saga, you never know when timelines may just crash or converge (hint, hint/spoiler alert).”

Source: MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios

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