Ke Huy Quan, who now stars in Loki season 2, previously worked as a stunt choreographer for the 2000 film X-Men, as revealed in an old video. Quan’s role in Loki season 2 is the perfect culmination of his career, bringing together his energetic presence and his past experience in multiversal storytelling. As the head of the Time Variance Authority’s “Repairs and Advancement” department, Quan’s role as O.B. connects to his previous role as an inventive character in The Goonies, making it a fitting pay-off to his career.

Following Loki season 2’s debut, a 23-year-old video resurfaces, revealing Ke Huy Quan’s forgotten Marvel movie role. Before he joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of Loki season 2’s cast, Quan had an important part to play in a past Marvel movie. The actor now stars as the vibrant O.B. opposite Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius in the Disney+ series, but his previous Marvel role was very different.

On Twitter, an old video from the set of 2000’s X-Men shared by @MarveIFacts showcases the Loki star’s role as a stunt choreographer for the Marvel film.

In the video, Quan can be seen with Hugh Jackman’s stunt double, teaching the Wolverine actor the choreography of one of his scenes as the Marvel mutant for the film. So far, Loki season 2’s story has not demanded Quan to put his stunt expertise to use, but the season has only begun.

Quan’s role in Loki season 2, as part of one of the MCU’s best TV shows, is the perfect pay-off to his career. While the actor has only appeared as O.B. in one episode of the series so far, he brought along with him the energy that has become expected from Quan with every role. More than that, Quan’s Loki season 2 role interestingly harkens back to the actor’s career in a key way.

Quan’s Loki season 2 role is the perfect mix of his two best characters. The MCU series deals with a sprawling multiverse story, setting up many important elements for Marvel Studios’ wider Multiverse Saga. Quan’s role as O.B. in Loki season 2 connects with the movie that led to his Best Actor Oscar win, Everything Everywhere All At Once. The movie also told a multiversal story, with Quan playing several different versions of the same character across the film’s expansive and heartfelt plot.

Adding to that, O.B. is the head of the Time Variance Authority’s “Repairs and Advancement” department, serving as the inventor of all the technology at the TVA. That connects to one of Quan’s most famous roles, as Data from The Goonies was also a prolific inventor despite only being a kid. As an inventor responsible for the technology of the organization that keeps the multiverse in line in the MCU, Quan’s Loki season 2 role serves as the perfect payoff to his career.

Source: @MarveIFacts/Twitter

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