Shortly after the release of Immortal X-Men #14, the series’ editor, Jordan D. White, finally opened up about his time with the titular mutants.

White said in an interview with Marvel Comics that ideas for Immortal X-Men and its place within the Fall of X event were already in place well before the release of the 2021 X-Men event Inferno, which depicted an all-out war for the fate of Krakoa, the living island which serves as a safe haven for mutantkind. “The seeds have been sewn for this reaping for quite some time,” White said, “as have the seeds of where things go next.”

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Fall of X serves as the culmination of acclaimed X-Men writer Jonathan Hickman’s House of X event, which saw the mutants establish a foothold on the living island Krakoa, focusing on a collaboration from the X-Men’s greatest foes to decimate the island and take out the mutants living there. Immortal X-Men #14 (by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, David Curiel, and Clayton Cowles) follows the few survivors of the Hellfire Gala massacre that kicked off the start of Fall of X and disgraced Charles Xavier, who demanded revenge for Krakoa.

According to Jordan, Immortal X-Men #14 served as a perfect opportunity to explore how Krakoa’s fall affected Xavier and the rest of the Quiet Council, as the previous issue’s events showcased how the council’s individual members reacted to the fallout from the violent attack. White also cited the creative team’s work in depicting a corrupted group of disparaged leaders.

Regarding Xavier, Jordan denied that his current situation is hopeful, given his responsibilities as the sole defender of mutantkind and the weight of countless lives he believes he is responsible for taking. However, despite Professor X’s current situation, he revealed that there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. White stated that Exodus is a promising character and that his faith will keep him grounded while his morals transform him into a character who fans can relate to in various ways.

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The editor elaborated on the fates of Shaw and Selene, fallen Hellfire Club Inner Circle members who have lost everything. And, whose stark differences in personality make them interesting. Jordan also teased the return of Mother Righteous, though he gave no details on what her return might look like.

Jordan capped off the interview with his favorite moments from Immortal X-Men #14,which he said were the opening and closing pages of the issue. He explained that both the intro and epilogue of the issue contrast each other in a way that feels jarring and hard-hitting, showing the true stakes of the event as a whole.

Immortal X-Men #14is available now at comic book stores and participating digital platforms from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel Comics

 X-Men editor Jordan D. White talked to Marvel about the recent Immortal X-Men #14, which picks up after the massacre on Krakoa.  Read More