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A new Ghost Rider is making their debut in Marvel Comics, rising from the grave to finally give the Hulk the challenge he deserves. As revealed at San Diego Comic-Con in Marvel’s ‘MARVEL: Heroes, Hulks and Super-Soldiers’ panel, the Green Goliath is taking on the one hero who is powerful enough to burn him to a crisp.

Marvel has revealed Nic Klein’s cover for Incredible Hulk #6, which shows a WWII Ghost Rider blazing into battle with the Hulk. Fans knew that a Ghost Rider was on Hulk’s tail – having seen a skeletal hand rise from the grave in The Incredible Hulk #1 – but didn’t know it would be a new version of the hero. Marvel also revealed at SDCC that this Rider is based on ‘Steve McQueen, suggesting a Great Escape-style attitude. In the past, Reed Richards has hypothesized that Ghost Rider is powerful enough to kill the Hulk, but refuses to do so as he is not truly deserving of lethal vengeance. However, this Ghost Rider serves a new master, and the gloves are finally off.

Hulk vs Ghost Rider Could Kill the Green Goliath

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In Marvel Lore, there have been countless Ghost Riders, stretching back to 1,000,000 BC. Each is the host of the Spirit of Vengeance, which is an extension of God’s own wrath. However, Marvel recently revealed a new enemy for Hulk known as the Eldest – a demonic being hoping to wake the mysterious Mother of Monsters, and seemingly able to take control of any being humanity considers a ‘monster.’ To this end, the Eldest has set major threats like Man-Thing and Ghost Rider on Hulk, hoping to force him into playing his part in her plans. The panel also revealed some stunning character design sheets from Nic Klein, which include the Eldest’s true form – a huge, insect-like demon who is only more impressive once fans notice that the tiny figure by her foot is a size comparison for Hulk himself. Other members of the Eldest’s monstrous team also appear.

Hulk’s New Demon Villain Makes Him Look Puny

Recently, Bruce Banner once again attempted to take full control of the Hulk, and now the Green Goliath is fighting back. However, as the Hulk tries to force Banner to go permanently dormant, the two are being pursued by horror-themed threats that can pose a threat even to the “Strongest One There Is.” At the top of that list is the Ghost Rider, whose eldritch fire and Penance Stare make them a true threat.

Every Ghost Rider is a product of the time period and area in which they operate, and this awesome new Spirit of Vengeance comes complete with WWII firepower and a bullet-riddled body. Few Ghost Riders use guns as their primary weapon, and it will be interesting to see how Hulk deals with a foe who can fire molten hellfire while outpacing him on a vintage Hell-Cycle. It will also be fascinating to see a Ghost Rider unbound from their usually righteous mission, and able to cut loose at the Eldest’s command.

The Incredible Hulk from Philip Kennedy Johnson, Travel Foreman, and Nic Klein is reinventing the Green Goliath as a monster hunter, but now it’s Bruce Banner who is being pursued. Marvel has yet to confirm the release date for the issue, but it will follow the release of The Incredible Hulk #5 on October 18.

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