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Wolverine’s a character so popular that fans could identify him just by his silhouette. Part of that iconic design is his height, but just how tall is he?

Wolverine’s early appearances are oddly unassuming. He shows up at the end of an issue of The Incredible Hulk, spends the next issue tussling with Hulk and Wendigo, and then ceases to exist until Giant Size X-Men #1 makes him a mutant the next year.

Wolverine nearly left the X-Men early on, as the creative team on X-Men favored more youthful characters like Nightcrawler. However, he was popular with Canadian artist John Byrne, who fought for him to stay in the book. Soon enough, Wolverine was a household name.

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Wolverine has always been depicted as gruff, older, and with a strict code of honor. He’s also always been depicted as short, something unusual for a comic character of any era, but especially one who became as prominent as Wolverine.

According to 2004’s Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe: X-Men, Wolverine is 5’3″. There’s no real ulterior motive for his height. That hasn’t stopped fan theories from running rampant.

Marvel ComicsWolverine is recruited by Professor X to join the X-men.

One notable theory is that he’s an actual wolverine that was mutated by the High Evolutionary, but that’s been repeatedly debunked by creators. Most assume it’s an essential visual nod to his name, but really, the creators just envisioned him being a shorter character.

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Wolverine debuted in Incredible Hulk #181 after a short teaser in the previous issue. From the onset, he was depicted as shorter, and that height has been consistent ever since.

20th Century FoxThe X-Men as seen in X2: X-Men United.

The Wolverine seen in the X-Men movies is 6’3″. After all, that’s the height of actor Hugh Jackman, whose tall stature has never been hidden in the various X-Men films for FOX (and, thanks to the upcoming Deadpool 3, the MCU).

In fact, that height was the source of contention once upon a time. Jackman, who stands a full foot taller than the comic’s depiction, was criticized for his height when he was cast in X-Men. Fans were incensed that Wolverine would be depicted as so tall after years of him being shorter.

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Fortunately, Jackman won over the detractors. His portrayal has survived the highs and lows of the Fox X-Men Universe, culminating in the beloved 2017 finale, Logan. Jackman’s making one final return to the character in Deadpool 3, and the first photos indicate that they’re continuing to embrace Jackman’s height.

 Wolverine’s so popular that fans could identify him just by his silhouette. Part of that iconic design is his height, but just how tall is Wolverine?  Read More