Nicolas Cage will star in 8 episodes of
Spider-Man Noir
on Prime Video, marking his live-action debut as the superhero character.

Spider-Man Noir
shows a darker, more ruthless version of Peter B. Parker, with a unique origin story and tendency to use firearms.
The series delves into a grim world where Uncle Ben’s tragic death leads Spider-Man Noir on a vigilante mission against corruption.

Nicolas Cage recently revealed the number of episodes for the upcoming Prime Video series, Spider-Man Noir. The actor will be donning the superhero suit once again for the series. This marks Cage’s transition from voicing a character to portraying one in live-action. Spider-Man Noir is a significant project for Prime Video, introducing the first series centered around a Spider-Man character in a live-action format.

Speaking with The New Yorker, Cage said that Spider-Man Noir will unfold over eight episodes in its debut season. “I think this is a much more sort of popcorn-entertainment episodic television,” the actor said. Cage further described the show, saying,

One of the things that I like about this potential show is that it’s fantasy. It’s not really people beating people up. Monsters are involved.

Spider-Man Noir series will also be Cage’s debut in a television series. He will be reprising his role as the alternative version of Spider-Man, a character he previously voiced in the animated hit, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. During the same interview, Cage described his planned approach to the character.

“I mean, the fantasy would be that I could try to aspire to be something more Golden Age… I wanted to have that kind of aura, you know, like the more enigmatic, you don’t know too much. That’s why I’m not on social media. That’s the thinking, anyway. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens if I do [Spider-Man Noir], and they put me in black-and-white. We’ll see if we can get some of that flavor.”

Cage expressed his desire to evoke the mystique of the “Golden Age” of cinema, trying to portray the aura of that era’s more elusive and enigmatic figures.

Spider-Man Noir is a distinct and darker version of Peter B. Parker. This character resides on Earth-90214 during the 1930s. This iteration of Spider-Man is bitten not by a radioactive spider but by one linked to a powerful Spider God. This scenario sets the stage for a dramatically different Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Noir operates under a new creed of “if there is too much power, then it is the responsibility of the people to take it away.” His approach is more solitary and menacing, choosing to strike fear into the criminals of New York during the nocturnal hours. His methods are ruthless, including the use of firearms—a stark contrast to the non-lethal tactics of his mainstream counterpart.


Nic Cage Offers Exciting Update on Live-Action Spider-Man Noir Series

Nicolas Cage teases his iteration of Spider-Man Noir in the new live-action series from Prime Video.

The darker tone of Spider-Man Noir‘s world is further stressed by the tragic and horrific death of Uncle Ben, who falls victim to Adrian Toomes, known in this universe not just as the Vulture but as a brutal serial killer and cannibal. Toomes’s macabre actions, which include cannibalizing Ben, set a grim backdrop for this version of New York, dominated by corruption and villainy.

This catalyst propels Peter into a life of vigilantism, adopting a detective-like role in his quest to dismantle the criminal underworld led by the mob boss, The Goblin. Spider-Man Noir‘s relentless pursuit of justice leads to the downfall of The Goblin’s empire, setting the stage for further confrontations with characters like Doctor Otto Octavius and even encounters with the Nazi Party.

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