James Gunn faced numerous challenges while writing the script for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, despite his experience in crafting narratives that blend humor with heart. Marvel Studios did not interfere with Gunn’s vision for the film, and he had to rely on sheer willpower to complete the writing process. The inclusion of Adam Warlock in the film proved to be a creative conundrum for Gunn, but he always had him in mind and felt pressure to include him after setting up his character in the second film.

James Gunn, the mastermind behind the cosmic escapade Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, opened up about the taxing process of writing the script for the latest installment in the MCU. Despite his seasoned career in crafting narratives that blend humor with heart, Gunn admitted that the creation of this particular screenplay was far from a walk in the park.

Gunn, serving both as the writer and director, encountered numerous challenges that made the writing phase for Guardians 3 anything but smooth sailing. Engaging in a dialogue with fans on the social platform Threads, Gunn peeled back the layers of his creative struggle. Unlike the common speculation that studio interventions were the root of his woes, Gunn clarified that the internal battle was solely his own.

Marvel Studios, known for its significant involvement in the creative process, surprisingly did not alter the course of Gunn’s vision. It was a test of endurance, where taking a detour to helm The Suicide Squad provided a necessary respite, only to return and confront the daunting task with sheer willpower. Gunn revealed:

“No. Marvel changed nothing. I just had a hard time wrapping things up. And I was running out of steam until I walked away and did The Suicide Squad and came back. But even then it was not the most pleasant writing experience I’ve ever had. Just pure willpower pushing it through.”

Gunn has consistently praised the creative freedom he’s been afforded, a liberty contingent on the studio’s satisfaction with the final product. Gunn shared:

“Like at all the studios, if the studio doesn’t like the movie, they interfere. If they do, they don’t. It’s pretty simple. I’ve never been forced into a change on any of my movies, including the Guardians films.”

Diving deeper into the narrative intricacies of Guardians 3, Gunn highlighted Adam Warlock as the crux of his creative conundrum. Gunn explained:

“It was really difficult. I promised Adam at the end of [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2]. The High Evolutionary has created Adam’s species, that was the way in. I did feel pressure to put him in… a lot of this stuff was written for Vol. 2, originally Adam Warlock was in Vol. 2.” Gunn concluded that he “always had [Adam Warlock] in mind”

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In a lighter vein, Gunn shared an anecdote about the audacious inclusion of an expletive in Guardians 3. The moment, which could easily have been a bone of contention with Marvel Studios, surprisingly sailed through without resistance. Gunn’s boldness in seizing the moment, with the backing of Marvel’s implicit trust, led to a spontaneous, humor-infused scene that resonated with audiences, emblematic of the film’s daring and irreverent spirit.

However, it wasn’t all serious interstellar warfare and narrative dilemmas for Gunn. Recollecting a moment of on-set hilarity, Gunn recounted how a scene featuring Star-Lord’s artistically challenged rendition of Recorder Theel sent him into uncontrollable laughter. This candid behind-the-scenes glimpse not only humanizes the filmmaking process but also highlights the camaraderie and spontaneous creativity that fuels the Guardians of the Galaxy series.

As Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 makes its cosmic journey onto Disney+, audiences are invited to immerse themselves in the culmination of Gunn’s laborious yet passionately crafted narrative. Even though its creation was fraught with challenges, the film serves as a tribute to Gunn’s steadfast dedication to storytelling, enriching the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a narrative journey marked by perseverance.

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