Remedy decided to delay the release of Alan Wake 2 in order to avoid competition with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Fans of Mortal Kombat 1 have expressed their desire to see certain beloved characters, and Ed Boon acknowledged their wishes. Starfield will have a New Game Plus option at launch, enhancing its replay value for players.

This second-last week of August arrived with a handful of anticipated games on its hands, such as Blasphemous 2, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, and Immortals of Aveum, while Remedy’s Alan Wake 2 made a decision to dodge its own hectic week of releases. Today, Game Rant’s weekly recap takes a look at some of the most notable headlines from the past week.

Mortal Kombat 1 continues to showcase new characters in a roster that’s ever-evolving, Little Nightmares‘ next entry was surprisingly revealed in Gamescom 2023, and bittersweet news about Mario‘s influential actor has been announced. All that and more in this week’s roundup of games industry news.

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Remedy Delays Alan Wake 2, Explains Why

Alan Wake 2 was supposed to come out on October 17 and while a delay of 10 days is hardly anything to mull over, it seems Remedy chose to do so in order to avoid a closer encounter with the inevitably popular Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Ed Boon Addresses Mortal Kombat 1 Fan Wishes

No matter how many characters are officially revealed for Mortal Kombat 1there will always be some left out that fans desire, and Ed Boon has recently acknowledged one particularly beloved character who fans hope to see.

Starfield Confirms New Game Plus

Not many games actually come packaged with a New Game Plus option at launch nowadays, but Starfield having one on release will be a huge boon for its replay value, especially if players want to try new class builds and don’t mind starting from scratch again.

Gamescom 2023 had few surprises since Geoff Keighley had already been transparent about what would be highlighted on Opening Night Live, but the reveal of Little Nightmares 3 and its co-op functionality were a treat, especially with it being developed by Supermassive this time around.

Charles Martinet Dubbed Mario Ambassador

In a bittersweet address from Nintendo, it was announced that Mario‘s seminal actor Charles Martinet is stepping down from voice work, though he will apparently have a role as a Mario Ambassador going forward.


It would have made absolute sense if God of War‘s Santa Monica chose to simply move onto its next full-scale sequel in the franchise, but rumors suggest that a DLC for Ragnarok might actually be its next ambition, leaving a lot to speculation on where that piece of content might revolve.

Movies & TV

With the recent strikes still having an impact on actors and writers alike, Dune 2 is the latest casualty that has decided to delay for another several months.


Immortals of Aveum on paper seems like a fairly straightforward mystical shooter, but players who want to get the most out of it will likely be indulging in its collectibles and exploration, too.

Game Rant Exclusives

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon might not be in the Souls vein that so many of the developer’s fans have come to enjoy, but FromSoftware has shown that it is perennially able to reinvent and revamp old IP to offer something incredibly diverse and rich for fans.

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