Galactus detests Deadpool more than prominent heroes, like Reed Richards, after Wade becomes his herald.
Deadpool’s non-stop chattering as a Herald of Galactus pushes Galactus to his limits, causing him to fire Wade immediately.
Galactus’ patience snaps due to Deadpool’s talking like they’re best friends and making pop culture references, turning Deadpool into the rare hero who Galactus simply cannot tolerate.

Marvel’s Devourer of Worlds, Galactus, is a nigh-omnipotent being who relishes annihilating planets for his own self-benefit, with his hand-picked heralds ensuring that each new world is ready for their inevitable demise when their boss comes knocking. Not particularly fond of many people outside said employees, Galactus is shown to hate one of his temporary heralds even more than the cursed Reed Richards the Merc with a Mouth himself, Deadpool.

Recruiting Silver Surfer into his employ along with many others, like Terrax the Tamer, Morg the Executioner, and even Doctor Strange and Thor at one point, Galactus gobbling up planets across the galaxy thanks to his heralds’ work is a cosmically necessary yet frowned upon act, with his patience matching the time it takes for these events to unfold.

In 2011’s Deadpool Team-up #883, after Wade Wilson becomes an official Herald of Galactus, it isn’t long before Galactus’ infinite mental fortitude is put to the test, as Deadpool becomes the number one hero Galactus can’t stand to be around.


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Galactus Hates Deadpool More Than Reed Richards After Wade Becomes a Herald

Deadpool Team-Up #883 – 2011 (Skottie Young and Ramon Perez)

A scenario that comes about after Deadpool resorts to scanning the “Help Wanted” section in the local newspaper for some quick cash, Wade finds a gig offering a position as Galactus’ newest herald. Beamed into space to meet Galactus after accepting the offer, Deadpool is given the Power Cosmic and then sent off to prepare worlds for destruction. Initially doing a great job, Deadpool’s incessant yammering, talking about everything from joining a fantasy football league to going to trivia night, even to “Smelly Cat” from Friends fame, annoys Galactus so thoroughly that he snaps and fires Deadpool on the spot.

Barely noticing individual humans as well as entire civilizations depending on his mood, the fact that the usually infinitely tolerant Galactus has a wit’s end that Deadpool effortlessly finds makes sense, considering that almost every character who crosses paths with Deadpool has the same issue. In Galactus’ defense, his heralds do a lot of the talking when preparing worlds, and since Galactus’ cosmic status ensures he’s beyond reproach by practically anyone else — save for the constant thorn in his side that is Reed Richards — Deadpool becoming a herald and bending Galactus’ ear becomes a perfect storm that Galactus couldn’t weather.

Deadpool’s Constant Talking While Working Sends Galactus Over The Edge

It’s safe to say Galactus hates most of the heroes and villains populating the Marvel Universe — especially his decades-long feud with the pesky Reed Richards — but Deadpool getting fired the first day on the job as his newest herald shows comparatively just how much more Wade Wilson gets on this galactic god’s nerves. Deadpool and Galactus will likely never work together again, and if this world-eating villain gets his way, never speak a word to each other ever again, either.

Deadpool Team-Up #883 is available from Marvel Comics.

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