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The Age of Krakoa is over, yet there are still those who hate and fear Mutants. Even with Orchis defeated, there must be heroes ready to defend Humanity and Mutantkind alike. This leads the X-Men to rise again in the first comic set in the new beginning called “From the Ashes.”

Written by Jed MacKay, with art by Ryan Stegman, X-Men #1 opens several months after the destruction of Orchis. Cyclops and Beast have formed a new team of heroes, operating out of an old Orchis base in Alaska. The preview finds Dr. Henry McCoy reaching out to the local law enforcement as Scott Summers leads the team on a mission.

The main cover and first six pages may be viewed below.

(Image Source: Marvel / Ryan Stegman)

The X-Men #1 preview features an even balance of comedy and drama. This will be familiar to fans of writer Jed MacKay, who is currently also writing the monthly Avengers comic. MacKay draws deeply on the history of the franchise, with some knowing nods to the fans. (Chief among these is a joke regarding the frequent deaths and resurrections of Kid Omega.) There is also a bit of humor involving the clash of personalities, particularly between the reformed villain Juggernaut and the teleporting Mutant sorceress Magik. This balances the superheroic action, which is ably illustrated by artist Ryan Stegman.

“Taking on the X-Men is always a daunting prospect, but I’m extremely psyched to take this team of mutants back into the world,” Jed MacKay noted.

Ryan Stegman was equally enthusiastic about their partnership and the opportunities it offers: “When I first got into comics, drawing X-Men was THE job you wanted as an artist. To have the opportunity now is mind-blowing.”

X-Men #1 arrives in comic shops everywhere on July 10, 2024.


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”}]] A new age of Mutant Mayhem begins, as a new team of X-Men rise “From the Ashes” to protect a world that hates and fears them.  Read More