New promotional material for Sony Pictures’ newest superhero movie, Madame Web, gave fans the first look at Dakota Johnson’s costume.

Johnson takes on the main billing in Madame Web amongst a cast full of heavy hitters as she embraces the superhero genre for the first time. She leads the first Sony Spider-Man Universe movie since the 2022 disaster Morbius.

While the costumes in this movie will have some slight differences from their Marvel Comics counterparts, Sony hopes to deliver its own unique spin on these heroes for their first live-action appearances.

Dakota Johnson’s Marvel Costume Shown Off

Marvel Entertainment released a new poster featuring Dakota Johnson’s Cassandra Webb from Sony Pictures’ Madame Web, with Johnson surrounded by webs as she shows off her character’s costume.

Sony Pictures

Under her red jacket, fans can see the first glimpse of the superhero costume she’ll sport. 

Sony Pictures

This comes as a red matte-ish material with a webbing pattern embedded in the fabric, although not much of it can be seen on this poster.

Sony Pictures

This suit appears to be similar to Madame Web’s classic costume from the comics, paying homage to the design of her comic dress while bringing something new into the spotlight.

Marvel Comics

When Will We See More of Dakota Johnson’s Marvel Hero?

Madame Web is set to be the first of four new Marvel movies released in 2024, including Venom 3 and Kraven the Hunter from Sony Pictures.

Thus far, fans have only seen one trailer highlighting Johnson’s heroine as she learns about the other superpowered personalities in her world, although Sony will surely look to continue promotion in 2024.

Concern is also growing in the greater Marvel fanbase after it was revealed that the writing team from Morbius was coming back for this movie, particularly after Morbius became arguably the worst comic-book movie flop of this era.

But with a potential opportunity to embrace more Spider-Man-centric storylines and even connect to the MCU in some form later, there is still hope for Madame Web to help get Sony back on the right track with its biggest IP.

Madame Web will debut in theaters on February 14, 2024.

 The poster for Dakota Johnson’s new Marvel movie gave fans a first peek at her character’s costume.  Read More